Premature birth and c-section at 31 weeks baby is tiny!


hey i was just wondering if any one is in the same situation as me or has ever been...am laid up in hospital wide awake worrying. i went in for a scan yesterday to check if the baby was growing after discovering her blood flow is poor and she is not getting fed propally as the placenter is not doing its job, i got told that the only thing they can do is try and buy there time, try and deliever her at 33/34 weeks i am so scared this is what fags do to you and your unborn child so if you are reading out of curiosity dont smoke and if you do stop before your babys life is in danger. my baby is going to weigh just under 4lbs and i will never forgive myself if she doesnt pull through

would like some support and replys.



Reply to premature birth and c-section at 31 weeks baby is tiny!"

your baby should be just fine, i had a scare today i am 31 weeks pregnant and was worried about him coming so early but my mum reasured me she was born very early and only weighed a little more than 2lb's although all none smokers, but every other pregnant woman smokes some people just cant find the will power to stop, but its never too late to stop for yourself tho too. good luck xx



please dont worry a child born at 31 wks has a ex chance to pull threw your baby may need help with breathing tempature nd feeding its scarey iv been there and my daughter is 2 and a half and doing well nd dont be scared to ask an understanding consultant will tell you what to expect good luck


Baby born at 30 weeks

i am 19 and when my partner and i found out we were expecting we were over the moon. everything was going fine but i was smoking through my pregnancy. i woke up in the night when i was at 29 weeks and my front waters had gone. i went into hospital and they didn't really have an explanation for the cause. i was given 2 steroid injections to help the baby's lungs develop a bit quicker and they sent me home expecting me to go until about 36 weeks. exactly a week later i bled and went back into hospital where i got checked over and was monitored. my baby was completely fine and although i was getting contractions, i was not in labour. after 12 hours i finally started dilating and my gorgeous baby boy was born at 3.30 am on september 4th weighing 3lb 1oz. it was a painful 23 1/2 hours but it was worth it. our son, Cash was taken to the neonatal unit on a resporatory machine but was breathing fine on his own within 3 hours. he was due on november 9th and was expected to stay in hospital until then. he was allowed to come home on october 10th and will be 4 months old in a couple of days. the nurses in the neonatal unit were amazing and so supportive and helpful. i was able to stay overnight in the hospital with him and watched him grow and get stronger every day. my experence was a bit strange to me as i had never known anyone in my situation. i hope my story can help you feel a bit less worried about the whole thing.

charlee xxxxxxxxxx


Smoking in pregnancy

just read yr story hope yr baby was ok..........best wishes jane x #


Analisa knows how you feel!!!

hi i am pregnany with my fourth child and although i've never smoked through any of my pregnancies, all my baby's have been prem and made it through and are beautiful!!so cheer up and keep strong1!and please stop smoking , not just for your lovely little girl but for yourself. I'm on week 30 and just had steroids and at times feel quite anxious, but i trust that my obstetrition will make the rigth choice for my baby and i and keep us both well and safe. Your baby has you, talk to her and and rub your tummy lots and dont feel guilty and allow that to make you down, you and baby have alot to go thruogh in the next few weeks,so keep positive. i wish you lots of happiness and strength.I know just hoe you feel and trust me you are gonna be fine!!!

Take care and keep in touch

analisa xxxxxx


3o weeks

hello there,

im 30 weeks today and have been told that i have a small baby, i don't smoke or drink ,but they still can't tell me why. The dr's have been saying that it deos happen. But it doesnt stop you worrying.I have also been told that if my baby's growth and weight does not improve ,they will also deliver her at 34/35 weks to give her a better chance of survival and monitor her better.
I have been worrying all the way through this pregnancy, and have had good/bad days, but i know i have made it through to 30 weeks. I know it can be diffcult to knowing what to do, but dont start blaming ur self.


Smoking during pregnancy

I am 31 weeks pregnant and my baby is bigger than average i have smoked throughout my pregnancy after having dangerously high blood pressure whilst tryng to quit in the first trimester when i found out i was pregnant and being advised by my midwife it was safer for my baby to cut down rather than quit. Hope everything turns out ok for you and your baby but my situation just proves it is not neccesarily due to smoking so dont blame yourself. x



hiya ive just seen ur message and realise it was from last year i hope you and baby are doing ok i had my baby at 31wks on 22nd nov last year and he has been poorly since he is number 9 though from helen


Premature birth

I was just letting you know that i went through the same thing and my daughter is healthy as can be.I seen this artical and i just wanted to let you know to be strong and to hang in there it always gets better and that premature babies alway grow up really strong they have to because they are as special as they are.


Be strong

hi ya, thought id let you know an amazing story too, my hubby is 36!! hes a twin and was born 11 and a half weeks early weighing in at just under 21b 36 years ago the technology was far less advanced! my hubby is fit, healthy 16 stone of muscle and a bricklayer his twin is 18 stone of muscle and a doorman for a living!! they never had any serious health problems, and are both gorgeous!! and i wish you all the very best im now 38 having my third and theres a possibility i may have to be delivered early! its a good thing they are keeping such a good eye on you, be strong we are all thinking of you x x x x x


I was born at 33weeks........

hi there try not 2 worry my mum had pre-eclampsia and i was delivered by c-section at 33weeks and i weighed
3lb 2oz and fair enough i was in an incubator and was in a critical condition but i pulled through and alls gud now plus all babies are different some are more matured than others so your baby could be premature but could be a strong one...it all depends so try not 2 worry about whats already done cuz what if? doesnt get u anywhere just take each day as it comes and concentrate on yourself and your baby but try and look at the positives let us know how you get on love jade x


We're all thinking of you...


I just wanted to offer some support - I'm pregnant with my first, so haven't been through this myself, but know of others who have and their babies are all fine - a girl I work with was herself born premature by a long way and is now nearly 6 foot tall, it an's office joke! And she was born 22 years ago, when the technology wasn't so good. Plus, there was that baby born earlier this year at 21 weeks 6 days who was the size of a biro - and is recovering really well now. Have faith, and like Christine said, rest yourself.

K x



Hiya, hope your ok. My best friend went into premature labour at 30 weeks. Her waters broke, and within 24 hours she was rushed into hospital and baby Amy was delivered. She thought she was suffering from incontinance, but it was her waters breaking. Baby Amy arrived and was 3lbs 3oz. Her birth weight dropped, but thats only to be expected by any new baby and went down to 3lbs. She had to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for about 8 weeks until she got to her due date and birth weight. She had to be fed through a tube, she could breath on her own as the doctors gave my friend an injection to help develope the babys lungs. She was tiny but technology these days helped greatly. She wasnt a smoker but still had a small baby. She is now 2 and walking, she is perfect. Have faith and rest lots.

Hope you are ok, theres no point in regreting smoking as there are a lot of people that smoke during pregnancy. I juts hope that the two of you are ok.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Christine & Billybump x x


Hi every1


just sharing my story with you.In my pregnancy i had no problems whatsoever and had only ever seen my midwife twice. I was 31 weeks pregnant and one night around friends house i was having very dull stomach pain and i presumed i was constipated. luckily enough my friend who normally drinks decided that she wasnt having a drink that night which was very rare for her at a weekend. I was sat in her downstairs toilet for over half an hour and my partner kept shouting are u ok and i just kept saying yes. in my mind when i sat their i was thinking am i in labour as it is my first pregnancy, but you think everythings goingto be fine and all of a sudden i got the biggest gush while sat on the loo. i shouted my partner to say my waters had broke but as he came in i stood up and the toilet was full up with blood. not just a bit it was full and i carried on bleeding very heavily. my friend ran to get her car and we set out at 9.30pm. my friend was amzing that night,she got me there within minutes. i was sent up to the delivery suite and swarms of doctors and nurses wee round me. They were all amazing. My babys heartbeat was hanging on but was very slow. I wash rushed for an emergency c section and my baby was born at 9.52pm just over 10 minutes since i got there. my baby had no apgar score until 7 minutes. After recovering i finally got to see my babys picture and on the 2nd day i was able to go and see him. he was realy poorly at first. he was in intensive care for a week and was weighed at 3lb 8oz. as he was so poorly his birthweight went down to 3lb but he just kept getting better and better and he was only in for 3 and a half weeks and they dishcharged him at 3lb 14zo.
I had had a full placenta abruption where the hole placentre had come away.its a good job i bled else i wouldnt of even known anything about it.i knew when it had happened a week or so before. i was at work in surgery and a pain in my stomach that brought me to my knees it was that painful. i just asumed it was the baby pressing on a nerve. All im saying is doctors and hospitals nowadays can make miracles and even born earlier than that everyones bay has a fighting chance

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