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Hi people,
I have a rhinoplasty op booked with dr Chantarasak. does ANYONE have any advise or stories about him? i really need some advise, this is such a big choice and im very scared!!!
im greatful for any help,
many thanks x x x


Dr chantarasak - 3 weeks post op

I had rhino with Dr Chantarasak 3 weeks ago. I am healing well and was very lucky to get hardly any bruising at all, i believe this was greatly down to the gentleness of the surgery. So far i am pleased with my results, my profile is excellent as i had a very large dorsal hump on the bridge of my nose, the front view is not a big change and i still have some swelling to the tip which is causing it to be slightly turned up and very hard to touch. I am confident this will go down over the coming months though.

Overall I'm really happy with Dr Chantarasak's work and think he is a very skilled surgeon. My only complaint would be his 'people skills', anyone who has been to see him will know what i mean! He's not a man of many words and this worried me at first as i didn't feel i was totally confident with what he was going to do. I ended up booking in a second consultation with him to go over everything again which really helped and he was happy to do this.

I have a way to go yet before i can truely see my results so patience is very important but i so far i am very happy with my treatment pre and post op, with the surgeon and the results. I would definately recommend him to anyone, just be sure you have asked all your questions and if necessary go for a second consult and don't be put off by his manner!




Hello hun,
I am looking to book in to have a nose job done through Mr Chantarasak through Transform. I am looking into it before I have anything done and was wondering how you got on with Mr Chantarasak as im looking to have a bump removed and tip reshaped. Please tell me how your op went? Are you pleased with the results and was it what you had asked for?
Sorry for all the questions but I could really do with an option from someone who has delt with him.

Thank you




Hey do you have pre-post op pics pls xx


Dr chantarasak

Me too - date booked for december for the op itself - anyone who has had a rhino with him, please msg x

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