Egg donor available - manchester



My name is Ellen-Grace, I am 24 years old and live in Manchester.
I really don't know much about egg donation and what is required but I know I would definitley be willing to do it to help a couple in need who cannot have children.

I have been looking into and looking online and registered my interest. I don't want to do it for a company who is going to charge the couple alot of money though and have found this forum gives a more personal approach. My cousin and his wife have gone through failed IVF and I know how costly and upsetting it is and would really like to help.

I am really unsure of what information is needed as this is all new to me. I a 24 with brown hair, olive skin and blue eyes. I have 2 degrees (this seemed to be relevant for some reason on other posts ha! Not showing off!) and am of a normal build. I am fit and healthy and cannot think of any health problems in my family.

And that's about it I suppose? I suppose I will just keep looking into it and learn as I go!



Looking for an egg donor (manchester)

Hi Ellen

Are you still looking at becoming an egg donor? My husband and I are looking for someone who could be and egg donor for us in the Manchester area. If you are still thinking about it could you email me and we could talk?? coyote5678@hotmail.com


Please help

I know that you have probably been inundated with requests but I desperately need to find an egg donor to enable me to be a mother. My partner and I do not have alot of money but would fairly compensate anyone who would help us. Time is against us also so if you would be so kind as to help I would very much appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you


Egg donation

hi sasha again , just to let you know you would be highly compensated for your time and effort , also had all the tests privately done so ready to go so to speak... please e mail me at amandaardron@hotmail.co.uk my real age is 45 so i have zero eggs and unfortunatly for me met mr right too late unless we find someone [an angel] to make the dream come true.... hope to hear from you x



hi saw your post about wanting to help someone via egg donation, well i am in dire need of a lovely person like yourself - so if you are still interested in helping a wish come true please contact me? x sasha : ps hope to hear from you soon x?


Sasha hunter

hi ellen- grace i am looking for a egg donor can you contact me please? cheers sasha x



my names natalie ellen, if you reply my email is natalieellen2009@hotmail.com, i live in hull,im 26 n hav ovary failer, nhs r fuding everything,i just need a dona, hope you get back to me n ill tell you more about maself, x



Hi Ellen- Grace would you be willing to donate eggs to us, we live in south cheshire so not too far away

Julie xx


Egg donation

Hi Ellen

We came across your post on this forum and thought we'd
drop you a line or two, well aware that you may already have found a deserving couple to make your kind donation of eggs to. Our story goes something like this...

My name is Heather and I'm 40, my husband 35 and we live in the Midlands. We have been together for 10 years and happily married for almost 4 years in which time we have been trying unsuccessfully for a baby. Sadly we've had two miscarriages and we experienced a failed IVF cycle in May this year and understand all too well the emotional journey and costs that your cousin and his wife have also gone through.

Investigations have given us clear indication that our chances of achieving a pregancy are very low using my own eggs and as time is not on our side we are desperately seeking an egg donation to enable us to follow the dream of having a family.

We appreciate that egg donation is truly a gift of life and undoubtedly a kind and selfless thing to do - so in addition to covering treatment costs we would also be willing to cover all reasonable expenses to ensure the experience is as smooth running and convenient for you as possible.

If you have already found a couple to support in their journey to have a family - we wish you well and commend your generosity.

We would be honoured to hear from you. My email address is: heather.burton@hotmail.co.uk

Kind regards Heather


Egg donar wanted

Hi, ellen, if serious, please get in touch with me liverlee@ntlworld.com


Egg donation

Hi Ellen, I recently donated for a couple in Manchester, however, the clinic we used is private and so charge their patients large sums. If you wanted to do it where the couple you would be helping didn't have to pay, I would say St Mary's hospital in Manchester would be a good place to start, as they are NHS funded. They will have a donation co-ordinator and will take you through the steps to donation. It is a great thing to do and I don't regret it for one minute, in fact I am planning my next donation! Chan.


Offer of help.....

Hi Ellen, my name is Cheryl and my husband and I have had 2 failed attempts at IVF. We have been told that I have blocked tubes and poor egg quality (probably the result of medical issues & surgery I had when I was younger).

I am 32, 5.2 small build with dark brown hair and brown eyes. My husband is 29, 5.9 small build with light brown hair and blue eyes.

We are both working professionals and live south of Leeds so have been having IVF at a CARE clinic in Manchester. If you would be interested in taking your very kind offer forward we would love to here from you, as the waiting lists are long.....

My email is harding_cheryl@hotmail.com



Egg donation

Hi Ellen,

I saw your message and I wonder if you might help me and my husband. We can't have children even through IVF so egg donation is our only hope - although we don't live anywhere near Manchester we would manage. Have you thought about what sort of payment you would like? Would you consider us?



How kind

I am a 33 year old married mum of 1 but have been diagnosed with early menopause so am looking for a kind person to donate eggs.
I have been in contact with an IVF centre in Northampton but there is a centre in Manchester that I would be prepared to travel to. They can give lots of information but i believe options would be that you were a known donor for myself if suitable or that you donate to the centre and I would be able to recieve a suitable donor quicker. Would love to hear whether you are interested?

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