Egg donor needed (north east england)


Hi everyone

My husband and I are desperately seeking an egg donor to help us make our dream of becoming parents a reality.

I'm 32 and have been diagnosed with premature menopause (probs some time in my 20s) so this is our only hope.

Is there anyone out there in our area (Darlington) who would be kind enough to help?

Many thanks


Would like to help

Hi Pickardra,
I live in Manchester, but i would like to help you out. I am 23 , healthy , graduate .. My email address is summervb2@gmail.com x


Willing egg donor

Hi, I live in Scarborough, I read your post and my heart goes out to you. I'm 24, married and really would like to help you and husband fulfil your dream of being parents. Please, please get in touch with me if there's anyway I can help, my email address is naomivpearson@live.co.uk


I think i can help

Dear pickardra ,

I am dr. Brandt from Infertility Clinic from Madrid. Our clinic IMF has extensive experience performing Ovum Donation treatments (implantation rates of 60-70% by cycle). I just want to invite You to visit us on our homepage www.imfertilidad.com

Below I just put You the letter with our protocol for egg-receiver.

Please do not doubt in contact directly with me via e-mail
Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Brandt

Protocol for egg-receiver

First, we would like to thank you for the confidence.

IMFclinic has got its sperm and eggs bank. There is not waiting list.

We have a specific protocol for our international patients, and we try to make the time away from home the least. You have the option of coming to our centre for a first consultation, bringing all the medical reports and exams you may have, and the Doctor will perform you an ultrasound scan and will inform you about the treatment process.

If you prefer to have the medical study and endometrial preparation in your country, and then come to our centre only for the embryo transfer, there is no problem.
You would only need to follow these instructions. We will need you to perform the following exams and send us the results:

Blood Analysis
-Serology ( Anti Hiv, Ag- HBs, Anti Hepatitis C, Syphilis)
-Coagulation( T. Coagulation, T. Prothrombin, Ant thrombin III)
-Biochemistry ( glucose,creatinine, Na+, K+)
-Blood type and Rh


Ultrasound Scan (if you are not coming to a first consultation)

Uterus review
Endometryo review

It is fundamental that you send us a photo and information about your height, physical complexion, and blood group and Rh to select the donor. Find enclosed a phenotype form that you must complete and send back.

From your husband we would need the following tests:

Serology (Anti Hiv, Ag- HBs, Anti Hepatitis C, Syphilis)
Seminogram, REM (A diagnostic test that measures the concentration of spermatozoa, their mobility and morphology, in order to rule out or detect possible alterations.)

The Doctor will make a diagnosis study and will indicate the medication that you will have to administer for the ovarian stimulation. Ovarian stimulation must be performed, either in our centre or in your own country. If you will have it done in your own country, we will need information and contact of your gynecologist, so we can keep permanent contact, and follow the evolution to adjust the medication doses and synchronize your cycle with the donors.

We will keep a fluid communication with you at all times by email and telephone.

On the day of the donor follicle puncturing, we will need a sample of your partners sperm.

It is convenient for you to come to Madrid 3 days before the scheduled date for the embryo transfer, to make sure that everything evolves as it should. After the embryo transfer we recommend one or two days of rest, and you shouldnt travel before. 4 or 5 days of stay in Madrid is enough to complete the treatment.

The cost of this treatment (Ovum Donation, with partners sperm) is 6.850
If you need advice about the journey planning, stay, etc, our clinic collaborates with El Corte Inglés Viajes( Trips), and they can help you manage everything, including a service to take you from the airport to the hotel.
This is the contact:
Director: Francisco Barroso
Assistants:Roberto Gómez
María Beltrán
Marcos Alonso
granviadehortaleza@viajeseci.e s
Tfne: +34 913822280
Fax: +34 913820272

To ask for an appointment you can either send us your contact and you will receive a call from our Patient Care Staff in order to schedule a visit, or call our Patient Care Line +34 915498976 from Monday to Friday. At your disposal for any question and hoping to hear from your soon.
Our best regards,

Dr. Brandt
Homepage: www.imfertilidad.com
Please do not doubt in contact with me (dr. Brandt): mbrandt@imfertilidad.com


I want to help

I am not from the region but I'd love to talk about it

drop me a line:

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