Wanting to donate eggs in ni


Hi, I am wanting to donate my eggs to people in need in NI, but would like to find out more about it. Do you reveive a fee/expenses, if so how much would that be?
I have four children under 11 - all fit and healthy and two of who are twins. If anyone can give me more info or point me in the right direction it would be appreciated


Eggs in ni

Dear New Donor,

I and my partner are looking for an egg donor in NI and would be very grateful for your support., If you are still available and willing I woudl very much like to hear from you and then maybe we could exchange some information.

Many thanks


Egg donation in ni


I am looking for an egg donor. I live in NI and if you are interested i would love to know a little more aobut you and perhaps you would like to know more about me/ us? I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks




You can contact me at louluvspoppet@hotmail.com if you are still interested in donating and we can discuss



It is no legal to pay fees, however I believe travel expenses etc can be reimbursed. Are you still interested in donating. My husband and I are looking a donor for the Belfast area. Feel free to contact me if you can help us in any way
Thank you



It is very hard to find egg donors in N.Ireland. It would be a wondeful miracle for you to perform.

My Husband & I are both fit & healthy. I am a twin & the thought of being able to have one baby never mind twins would be wonderful for me & my husband.

If you are interested in providing me a miracle you can e-mail me at jellychele@netscape.net.



Egg donation

Hello and thanks for your generous posting. It does seem to be very difficult to find egg donors in Northern Ireland so yur offer is all the more generous.

Mypartner and i are currently looking for a donor so if you feft able to support us in that journey we would of course be deeply appreciaive. my email address is juliabarbie2009@yahoo.co.uk if you felt able to contact me there.

In reegard to finding our more about the process you would be best to contact the Royal Victoria Hospital. If you contact Helen Burdett on 02890 635888 she will be able to send you out an information pack and talk you through any questions you might have.

If after all that you decide you might be able to do it, I would of course love to hear from you.

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