Willing to donate eggs, but need help finding a sperm donor


I previously asked if anyone knew of a scheme where women can "swap" an egg donation for a sperm donation. It seems that no scheme exists. However, if anyone knows anyone who is willing to be a sperm donor, I am more than willing to donate eggs. I would love to help someone become a mother, it is the best feeling in the world, but I also want to give my husband the chance to be a father.

I already have children and want to complete my family with a child for my husband.

A little bit about myself:-

I am 5' 10" tall, dark brown hair, dark hazel eyes, caucasian (english) based in London, 28years old, completed school and got a Diploma in Nursery Nursing in college. Health wise, I have asthma, but only during the winter months. There is no history of genetic illnesses in my family. My children are all healthy and have been since birth. Any other info please ask!

All I ask is that someone can help my find a sperm donor - although feel free to ask if you are interested in me donating eggs.



Need an egg donor

Are you still looking for sperm donor?
if yes please contact me because i need an egg donor.
My email is sahar.khalid.pk@gmail.com


Serious sperm donor....


Hello. I can help... please can we talk at donante3@yahoo.es for details. Genuine donor, only serious people please.


Egg donor wanted

My name is Wendy. live in Singapore. Me and my husband work in fortune 500 global company and well educated.

We are seeking a young intelligent Caucasian egg donor.

We really appreciate and we will pay compensation for your valuable time and effort. Thanks

Singapore is one of the most safety countries to visit and tour. We will cover airtickets. It will be your holiday in Singapore.

Donating your eggs can bring the hopes and dreams of yourself and my family. Giving the gift of life, fulfilling our dreams!
Please reply my email if you are interest: Normanbaby@hotmail.com


I am willing to donate my sperm for you


I have gone through with your situation, I am ready and willing to be your sperm donor, but i want is by NI, I am 27 years old boy from india, health wise fully sound health and no disease, so if you are interested, call me, 00919389940098, and you can mail on amit.jabdilmile@gmail.com.



I have gone through with your situation, I am ready and willing to be your sperm donor, but i want is by NI, I am 27 years old boy from india, health wise fully sound health and no disease, so if you are interested, call me, 00919389940098, and you can mail on amit.jabdilmile@gmail.com.



Hi Im 25 years old and found out i have gone through early menopause, i am currently looking for an egg donor my partner will be willing to donate sperm in order for us to have a family of our own. Please feel free to contact me.



Sperm donation


i am wiling to donate by which ever means u want.Its jut a help


Yes i will donate

pls mail me at lokesh_siemens@yahoo.com mobile-09742974011 (india)


Sperm donation

yes i will donate mail me at lkesh_siemens@yahoo.com ph 09742974011(india)


Egg donor wanting a sperm donor

hello i am looking for a sperm donor? i am willing to be a egg donor xxx




hi how r you, give me your name and details and u can call me on 00919389940098, and i can be your sperm donor. Because i am willing to be a sperm donor, but i do this only by physical sex. if you ready for getting sperm with natural sex i will make for you.


Sperm donor


thank you but i wanted a baby not a sex ...




I am not telling you that i want sex, but i want to donate sperm to you and u will get a baby, but i like to donate by physical intercourse. Not in donating at a clnic.



hi how ru, I can help you as a sperm donor, I like to give you this pleasure and if you like you can send me a personal message on amit.jabdilmile@gmail.com




thx for replying me, can you help and give me some details of women who want sperm donor by natural sex.
give me details so that i can contact them.



hi am willing to give u my sperm and i am white 6f1 with ginger hair , blue eyes non smoker and health



After going through you email, i would like to help you,
i am a man of 28 years from india, average looks and body, black hairs, black eyes, 5'7" height, i also like to donate my sperm to you with NI(sex with you). so if u interested u can mail me on my private mail, amit.jabdilmile@gmail.com


Id concider helping

would like to talk more as im in need of an egg dona, im 26, but my partner age 30 is fine, hope to hear from you


Willing to donate sperm via ni

Hello My name is richard.

im White ,half irish/half english 5ft 9 , blue eyes , black hair , no genetic diseases or stds , family history = good health and long lives.

im willing to do Ni sperm donations within London , at any time needed , etc ovulation give quick notice and can be there / meeting point or hotel etc.

if intrested as im 100% genuine then message me back here//my hotmail at richard_2012 (at) hotmail . co .uk (no spaces/ at = icon)

also if want phone me anytime at 07582212951


Re eggs for sperm swap

Hi, Are you still looking for a sperm donor? My husband and I are looking for an egg donor and he would consider donating sperm in return. Unfortunately, we both have light brown hair and blue eyes. It doesn't matter too much to us, but this may be an issue for you.
Please mail me if you are interested.

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