Would love to become a egg donor


iam 23 and i would love to become a egg donor i have two lovely kids of my own and would love to give another couple the chance of having a baby but i dont know where to start and who to talk to about becoming one
any help and advise would be great


Egg donation:

Dear friend,

It is so nice to hear that you want to be an egg donor. I have been an egg donor and could certainly tell you the joy it has given me. I would really like to help you understand the procedure and steps in details. Also I have been working with some amazing people who helped with the process, so if you are interested I could give you further details about them so that you can be a part of something bigger and important in your life.

Please mail me @diyadharan1793@gmail.com. Feel free to mail me anytime.


Hi kitten!

Me and my husband are also looking for an egg donor and wondered if you would be able to help? Otherwise you could contact agencies such as Alturi or New Life which may be able to help? I think its really lovely you are thinking of helping others, I would if I could too!


Egg donor available for loving couple


Hi my names Ashley iv just read your message I am willing and would love to help someone like yourself I think it's probably the most amazing thing you could do for another human being, my names Ashley if your interested send me a privet email so we can discuss this in more detail and find out exsacly what your looking for my email is : Ashley_ellengoss@icloud.com would be lovely to hear back from you x


Can you help us.

My partner and I are looking for an egg donor. We have been trying for 4 years but I recently had my tubes removed and am not producing eggs. All you would have to do to start donating eggs would be to write to our Ivf hospital in Manchester. We would love to be parents and can't wait until we can share our love with our own baby. Would you consider helping us.




Have you found a donor? If not give me an email at sjw2810@googlemail.com and we could talk see what your looking for x x


Egg donation


Hi Amanda,

Are you still willing to be an egg donor, we live in Yorkshire and are being treated at Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine and they have suggested we seek egg donation for our next round IVF?


Email me

Please email me at surrogatemother1986@yahoo.gr


Lokking for eggs donor

Hi, we are Italian couple living in London looking for eggs donor. If you are willing to help us please email us at mina.r.it@gmail.com
Thank you


Becoming an egg donor

Hi Kitten883

My husband and I are looking for an egg donor we are under St Marys Hospital Manchester, could you help us at all? Email: coyote5678@hotmail.com
From what we have been told if we find a donor they would need to ring the hospital and ask their GP to refer them, then the hospital.

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