Anal sex for the first time


hey all and anyone who can give me advice.....
me and this guy i've been seeing for a while are going to try it anally for the first time- my first time!
i have brought lube what else should i do in preparation for this. im quite nervous too.
should he wear condoms? should i be on all fours when we try it? do i work the lube up my arse or just on him?
again any advice is needed as i want to enjoy it as best i can.



Lots of lube

One of the most important things to remember when thinking about anal sex is unlike her ... the anus isn't self-lubricating. So you gotta bring the grease for the crease. And, the more lube you use, the better. It will make the initial penetration much more easy, less painful for your escort and make the whole experience for both of you much more pleasant too. Trying to pump your sausage into her sweet spot without enough lube can not only be frustrating, but your face will probably turn three shades of red in the process! The most common suggestion is to use LOTS of lube; we just can't emphasize this point enough. for more info try this blog: http://erotikaqueens.blogspot.com/


All u do

U just use lube and make sure ur on top bcus that way its an easier angel


Slow & lube

You don't go from never done any anal play to anal sex in one day, it takes time.

The first thing is, do you like a bit of anal play? Do you like to have him rub a finger over your ass during sex or oral? If so, then have him use a good quality anal lube and start to dip his finger inside you at these times.
If you enjoy that, then you can either move onto a couple of fingers or a slim dildo. Make sure you use loads of lube and take it really slow. Any pain you must stop. Pain leads to damage.
From there, move on to a bigger toy until you are comfortable that you are ready for his penis. A condom is optional but can be a good idea.

All fours is not a good position to start with. Try Spoons or even missionary, they are much easier to relax in.
Loads of lube on you and him. It's useful to use a toy first as that gets lube inside as well as starts to relax you.
Then take it slow. As before, if it hurts, stop. He must not thrust. The first few times may only last a few minutes but with a bit of time and patience this becomes extremely pleasurable for both of you.

The whole build up should be fun and feel good. If it doesn't then don't carry on. Sex is about pleasure.


First time anal

As has been said before lots of lube, but start by gentle finger play working the lube around and into the anus once 2 fingers becomes pleasurable you a probably ready to move up, lube both him and yourself, done right it can be fabulous, personally i love it, but there is alot of build up before actual penetration


Preparing for anal sex.

Anal sex is something I've honestly rarely done with a client. Some women love it, but I only do perform it if it's a special request. One of the first things to do is make sure you have a bowel movement before hand otherwise it can be very messy and embarrassing. There are several ways to do this: a bidet, an enema, or glycerine suppositories. Second, lubricant, lubricant, and more lubricant. Your partner might want you on all fours like in a porno movie which you can try and masturbate at the same time so that you can distract yourself, but if you lie on your back, missionary style, you might able to relax more. Third, he needs to stimulate you a lot with his fingers beforehand so he can stretch you anus until it relaxes. Masturbate at the same time as that will distract you. Good luck! For more tips visit my Facebook or my blog http://5rr.it/s/3l19z3


Anal sex

lot's of lube is a must, take it slowly so that you don't tear the skin as it can be quite delicate. I would advise using a condom for hygiene and like a previous post said an enema would be a good idea. There are some desensiters that might help make it more comfortable, i've put a link in so you can see. I've used the anal eze gel and it works quite well. don't know much about the others. www.sexshop365.co.uk/catalog/the-pharmacy-health-67/desensitizers-and-relaxants-615/

Have fun!


Anal sex

I am also thinking to have a try now a dyas with my G.F.She is willing to do it, but I am afraid for her pains....I think with condom will be hard for first timers...I was keeping try to open her asus with my finger...I think we more to praactise first with finger or jot stick..

enjoy and tell me what has happened with u...



Anal sex for first timers

Before having anal sex for the first time, try inserting a well-lubricated dildo into your anus that is the same size as your guy's penis. If it hurts a lot, don't try anal sex - it isn't worth the pain and possible injury.
If the dildo goes in OK with out too much discomfort. make sure you go to the loo before having sex, or better still have an enema beforehand (your guy giving you an enema can sometimes be as much fun as him making love to you anally). Always have him use a condom, for both of your protection, and use masses of lubricant.


"anal sex for first timers"


and use masses of lubricant.
i wouldnt suggest to use HIS cum as lube either, have heard that can be nasty when it comes to germs , ????


Anal sex, honestly i love it, didnt hurt but was pleasurable!


I lost my anal virginity when i was 16.5 after vaginal virginity, hurts but if done with the rite person is pretty cool, plus u get to know your body, Anal Sex can be a good way of being cheeky in the bedroom then u got to be punished by his .....

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