Girls and oral sex


i enjoy giving my girlfreind oral sex however she has always been a bt nervouse whenever i have been doing it
i think i understand the reasns for this however i do not know how to help her overcome them. i have spoken to her about it and shehas given me the same old reasons of taste smell appearance, i have talked to her and assured her that they are all fine and i actualy like the taste but she is stil always the same whenever i go down on her. any advice would be greatly apreciated.

secondly on the same issue i have noticed that it takes her considerably longer to cum when i am proforming oral sex on her than it does for her to cum any other way. while im sure a lot of this is down to her being more uncomfertable as described above i figure it couldnthurt to ask if anyone could give me any advice on giveing oral sex to women.

thanks in advance.


Dont worry

most women enjoy oral sex ,so dont worry you sound like u can talk 2 each other n thats a great help.I think maybe it is the taste smell thing so wat i wud do is run a nice bath wiv sum scented candles then ask her 2 join u ,wen u av finished washin each other move 2 the bedroom ,ill put money on it shes move receptive after a nice bath ,I wud never let any1 go down on me unless i was clean down there ,I think she doesnt want 2 hurt yor feelings by sayin no but just doesnt feel clean .also sum women have more discharge than others which makes u feel not as clean especially at certain times of the month,let me no how it goes n hope that helps a little xx


A little bit of tongue action

Part of the reason for her feeling uncomfortable could relate to personal hygiene, we girls like to feel we are fresh down below.

You could suggest that she take a shower while you prepare the bedroom. Set the scene with some candles and music you both like. Make the atmosphere relaxed and comfortable.

Pamper her, offer to dry her with the towel and moisturiser her with fragrant creams.

Most of all take your time and make each other feels special with caresses, kisses and gently stroking each other.

You mentioned she was concerned about the taste, you could try using these:

http://sextoysbuzz.com/sensual/69-wet-head-lemon-strips-revie w

They freshen up your mouth and make anything you lick tingle. They turn your tongue in to a wonderful clit tingler.

I'm sure she will love the experience and associate cunnilingus with feeling good.

Have fun.



a very normal feminine reaction

Hi.! Problem with g/f''s Oral sex
She just reacting to the normal concern that many women have when a man goes down on them. You might try showering together before you engage in pleasuring each others bodies. Also lots of women grow up with the idea that their vagina is dirty and ugly,but it is not, and it is much like a beautiful flower that opens up in the warmth of a loving caring relationship also not all women touch themselves down there as it can be a cultural or religious carry-over into relationships, You might like to keep this in mind and talk about her problem together, because her problem is also your problem within the relationship.

Hope the has been helpful to you.




What a nice guy!! My boyfriend didnt like doing oral when I met him but now he loves it....the easiest way is to reassure her that you love it. keep telling her how much you enjoy it. tell her you love her juice, her smell etc. tell her you're gagging for it!! Let her see that you love it while your doing it, noises help too. It can be difficult to make a girl cum, have you tried using your fingers while you lick? or licked her ass? sometimes inserting a finger in her ass mite work. easiest way is to ask her what she wants. encourage her to try different positions while you do it. Most women love it so its a shame she cant relax. x


Second that


Yeah, I second all that. It's cool that you're into it, I'll never stick with a guy who isn't again. She might be a bit of a prude due to upbringing or whatever, in which case the dirty talk might not help (the only friend I ever had with the same problem was brought up with pretty straight-laced indian family, and she hated the idea - and I'm pretty sure dirty talk would have put her right off). You know her best, so communicate however you can that you love it, it turns you on, and she deserves it.

Plus the showering thing is awesome, it really chills me out about my smell.


R u a lez

hi are you a lez and do u like 2 ... oder gurls




read any of my other posts and youll know in not a lez


Bless you


Thats sweet your so concerned ... Brownie points lol

Best bit of advice I can give would be to actually say (whilst doing the deed) How much you like the taste etc, this may put her at ease... as whilst your doing it thoughts may be swirling thru her mind... so if you say things to her whilst your doing it (obs come up for air lol)
also tell her how "pretty" it is... thats always a good one
also using fingers as well to penetrate and tongue to stimulate ....
Good luck


Just go ahead


Do it softly and make her feel comfortable. Not as if it was something dirty. I think that it has to do with her self-steem.

I hope it helps.


She is lucky


I forgot saying that she is lucky, my boyfriend doesn't go down. He says that my vagina smells really bad what is really frustrating becacause girls really enjoy oral sex. Don't let her miss it.


Me too!


my boyfriend says that too. He says it smelt bad and tasted "funny" and no one i was with before ever said that and i started to notice a funny smell too so i got myself checked out and it turned out that he had given me chlamydia and genital warts and it was his fault that i smelt like that. Even now i've got it all sorted out he still only does it if he's drunk and he's never made me come with oral or with his fingers. I've just accepted that he'll probs never make me come




If vagina is healthy scent and taste is very exciting.




if my bf said that 2 me i wud dump him ,that is awful !!!!!!I bet u go down on him tho dont u well next time id tell him he doesnt smell 2 gud n 2 get lost lol ,I think hes just bein lazy,n if that was the case there r nicer ways 2 say it than that xx




i love oral sex the best


Oral sex and the pleasure that goes along with it


I personally find it sensational to give pleasure to your partner. I have the best time of my life and I feel fully aroused and sexually healthy when my lady partner cums into my mouth. To my psychology, the best way to get pleasure is primarily through your partners thrill.

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