Sucking penises?? sex on top.... help!!!


av been going with my boyfriend now some time. we live together and have sex approximatly 2 times a day thers days (bed days) we'd do it like more tan 8 times. and foreplay doesnt really work as a cant suck his **** a try but a just cant do it and he pleases me everytime and would love to be able to satisfie him... has anyone any ideas?? and also when we have sex we do every way but on top when im on top i cant move properly so i dont get an orgasm but he loves it any way of doing it good were you dont get bored trying??


Sucking penis

make sure you lick up and down his shaft giving gentle suckles all along
pay some attention to his balls lick and very GENTLY suck! lick and suck tip of his penis then suck his penis whilst using your hand at same time kind of wanking at same time if you get jaw ache or its too much have a break by going back to sucking and licking this will also make him more horny because as you suck and then stop his excitment has to wait for you again this way your in full control and trust me if you spend at least 5 - 10 minutes doing this he will be curling his toes! tried and tested on my own man he can not get enough.

have a drink handy you might get dry throat good luck dont forget if your man is to big for your mouth you dont have to stick the whole thing in just do plenty of licking and sucking around the top



Tell your boyfriend to fingering of clitoris , sucking of breast. you will get great orgasm.



Any help w/ guy on top?

I cant make her orgasm when im on top. dont know what i could possibly be doing wrong but im deffinately missing something. when shes on top things go good for both of us. advice special little tricks & hints, please tell all



When you are on top try leaning back and then lifting your hips up and down for the movement
- works a charm from experience



hello, i am going to try and help ya out. No one is bad at giving a ... practice makes perfect, just kiss him all the way down his chest as you do that you can flirt by looking up at him now and again then you get his genitils and lick from the bottom to the top a couple of times

Then on your final lick from the bottom to the top , take your tounge and then in circular motions like round the top of his penis then suck the top (just the top of it)
for 5 seconds then continue the circlar motion and so on.....#

finaly hold on to the bottom of the pnis and suck up and down, make sure your mouth is wet and then if you get bored suck the top of his penis its really good and will give him pleasure

right the whole girl on top is a tricky one you can have him lean against a wall so you can rest your hands on it while you rock forwards and backword what help is if he moves his hips and thrust into you to, you can also get him to play with you( you know what i mean) if it dosent work for you and he likes it then you must copramise cuz then he can do somthing you like

need more help just ask
sorry if i was too graphical

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