Bj for thick penis


I was married for fifteen years and gave/enjoyed great ... to my husband. We're divorced now, and I have started dating a new man after 4 years of being single. I was surprised to see how thick my new guy's penis is (lucky me!) but now I'm not sure what I'm doing with the ... I can barely take the "helmet" into my mouth, and I'm afraid I'm going to scrape him with my back teeth -- it's so awkward. I don't think he's *HUGE*, judging from some posts I've seen here, but much bigger than I am used to. To make matters worse, we'd had conversations about the fact that his x-wife gave him only 2 ... in his whole marriage. I thought that was awful, even if you don't enjoy them. I think when you care about someone, you do self-less things for their benefit. Girls (or guys), any ideas? I've known him for 2 years, and have just ventured into a romantic relationship with him. I really want to make him feel special.



Use his balls too - don't forget that these are a hugely sensitive area for a man and you can be licking and sucking these while basically giving him a hand-job with your free hand.

One trick I often use, to avoid getting a stiff neck or gagging, is to spend a little while just sucking the end while using my other hand lower down the shaft in a corresponding rhythm.

You could also have a look to see what sex toys are available - there are ... rings, masturbators and tingling gels available on a variety of websites (many good sites are listed under a thread in this forum).

Other than that it's probably just going to take some time to get used to a new willy. After all, you spent 15 years with your husband - it's going to take some time to get to know how to pleasure your new man!


Lots of licking

lots of licking, be clever with your tongue


Incorporate your hands

My husbands penis is very thick as well. What I've found that he really seems to enjoy is using my lips and tongue to go up and down one side of his penis while my fingers (either wet from my saliva or from lube) work the other. For the head, I use my tongue to go around and around, narrowing in on the very tip. Also try pursing your lips to suck the very tip, while giving him a hand job with well lubed hands.



what a great problem!
ask him what he likes. talk to him while you're going down on him (or trying)!
he'll tell you what he likes.
as for his ex, she probably didn't have the guts to try it more than twice.
you're already beating her!
good luck.

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