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Anal sex


I'm 23 year old, I had sex many times with my boy friend, now he want to try Anal Sex, I'm too afraid I don't have any idea, is there any pleasure doing that. If some one can help me to know about Anal Sex...........?


Try it

Use a lot of lube and take it very slowly. I can't say I ever got that much enjoyment from it or would want to be regularly having anal sex but felt I should try it as one of life's experiences!

I also not have any experience to do the same thing but I must want to try. but I am afraid because of it's side effect.


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Try it

Try it out at least once and don't forget some lube.


Dont be scared.

Like everyone has said foreplay is the key, some people even buy anal trailing plugs. is great.



To me it always hurts.


Anal sex

Some people enjoy it some not. It's not my thing.


Anal sex

Anal sex can be very enjoyable if done the proper has to be taken slowly, your partner has to arouse you properly and bring you to a certain stage of excitement in which you feel completely relaxed with all your body and ready for something new, if he/she is good with his/her tongue and hands you will already understand if you are up for it. I suggest perfumed body oils for massages to be poured all over you and caressed everywhere, it certainly gets you in the wright mood for it.....


Anal sex

i am 21yo boy have a sex with girls now i want anal sex is it ok for boys i want to go for it once but litel afraid


Anal sex

i am 21yo boy have a sex witanal sex is it ok for boys i want to go for it once but litel afraid


Like anal sex

i am 21 have sex withe girls but now i want to have anal sex is it painful is it ok with girls toy r i have to go withe boy


Anal sex

Hi...I am a 44 year old woman and have done that a few times.I personally can do without it.I dont believe a woman can orgasm like that,I have done it for his pleasure,I will tell you it is painful but if he works with you and loosens you will be better.I have found that at least starting out on our side and having him enter,is less painful and gives you time to adjust and then maybe a different position.Do not let him enter your vagina after anal sex without claening will get an infection.Good luck.


Keep calm and carry on

It is worth trying, stop if u do not like it. Take your time when u feel u are ready, recommend u2 play with dildo to start with.


Anal sex

hìi, don't worry,use lubricants during anal sex, and anal foreplay is must. We can use sex toys also. by the way i am also willing to do anal sex with my gf but i am confused how to tell her,plz help me in this regard.


Make sure you feel comfortable!

Hi schut123,

I understand your situation. I'm a guy and I would NEVER pressure my girlfriend into anal sex.

You have to make sure you are comfortable with it. Anal sex can be very pleasurable for both partners, but you need to take it slowly and gently (if you decide to try it).

You also need to use a good lubricant to make it easier for you. And ask your boyfriend to be very gentle at first.

Some women love anal sex. Others don't like it. You can only find out by trying.

But just make sure you feel comfortable. It's your body and you have the right to say "no" if you don't like it.

By the way, if you (or your boyfriend) are ever interested in sexual matters that concern men, you may want to check out this <a ="">penis health review</a> site, which discusses sex-related issues, mostly from a male perspective.

It may give you some idea as to how men think, which will help you with your boyfriend!

Anyway, good luck with it all and make sure you're happy!


Its all good for me

am 20yo and have been having anal for 5 years now fairly regularly and i mostly enjoy it a lot but sometimes not and i think its cos its so tight guys cum real quick sometimes and its a bit not fun.
If you are scared or nervous it wont be good so maybe get a little drunk the first time or whatever calms you down.
the salt water works good for cleaning.
Dont worry if he is big down there if he is gentle and patient it will all go in.
play with your clit before and during will help too.




sorry if this seems very forward but:
my gf's main concern with trying anal is that "i'll have some lose arsehole and won't be able to keep in a fart let alone other stuff" so as a woman who has partaken in the act for five years i was wondering whether you could shed some light on this issue for her with your own experience cos it's all very well and good me saying that'll only happen if you abuse it but then it just sounds like i'm pressuring and just trying to get her to do it and that's no good so i'd be grateful to hear what you have to say =]


Slowly & sensually

If you do it slowly, sensually and are relaxed enough it will feel like Heaven. I think the main thing is to make sure you want to do it, if you are too nervous or apprehensive it may be an uncomfortable experience. Try to enjoy it and it will bring you imense pleasure


Anal sex

Anal sex most often refers to the sex act involving insertion of the penis into the anus. Anal sex is when one person places an erect penis, finger, or object into the anus of another person to give and receive sexual pleasure. Many people enjoy anal stimulation. Anal sex positions involve anal penetration. Most anal sex positions are adaptations of vaginal penetrative positions: Doggy style penetration maximizes the depth of penetration, but can pose the risk of pushing against the sigmoid colon.


Anal sex

Anal sex is excellent - go for it.

The first couple of times might be a little painful, but after that you'll enjoy it.

I can't get enough of the stuff

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