Anal sex


I'm 23 year old, I had sex many times with my boy friend, now he want to try Anal Sex, I'm too afraid I don't have any idea, is there any pleasure doing that. If some one can help me to know about Anal Sex...........?


Positions advice

Hi Girls,

Is this the best position if your bf is on the big side?




Anal sex toys

I think you should try sex toys for your anal first. Use Njoy Sex toys and then it will be easy for you. Must use lubricants. check Anal toys here http://myluckymonkey.com/


Gently does it!

It's only natural that you want to explore each other and anal sex can be wonderful for both of you, but you're right, it can be painful if it's charged at by the guy!

First, get a really good lube designed for anal sex. We can recommend Pjur, ANALyse Me, which we use all the time and you can get on the high street at Ann Summers shops.

Second, SLOW is the key! A penis is a big thing to push in there, so start off by having your boyfriend lube a finger and massage you gently around the outside of your anus. As you relax, you'll find that this feels lovely, and will naturally relax your muscles. As you do, he can gently slip further into you, making sure that there's always plenty of lube, and soon you'll find that he can slip his finger fully inside you.

Keep this up, with him changing finger, inserting two as you relax further. After maybe 30 or 40 minutes, you'll find that if he lubes his penis, he'll be able to ease the head in slowly. This is the trickiest part, and you should both spend plenty of time easing this gently, and making sure that you let him know all the time - stop - gently - a little more, and so on. When it's right, you'll find that suddenly he just slips inside you, and from there on, it's a breeze! )

Good luck, and I hope you discover the fun of anal sex soon. There's nothing compares to the feel of your man's cum exploding deep in your ass. I usually finger myself as he's inside me so that we cum at the same time. Wonderful!

Good luck!



Safe and organic sex

Yes, you can try it without any problem. Search for sex lubricants. You know lubricants make it easy and you can enjoy it more and more. If you need a direct link then you can try it here https://www.myluckymonkey.com/lubricant

Also keep in mind, Love your Partner and love yourself


No experience

I am not experienced about anal sex. I haven't try it yet. Some people enjoy it some don't. You can try with extra lubricant.



Soft gentle kisses traveling around your shoulders, kissing my way over to your ear and kissing it before kissing my way down your neck and back across your shoulders to the other ear. Kissing and sucking your lobe before starting down the side of your neck and back to your shoulders.

Moving down between your shoulders, you can feel my hard ... caressing your ass cheek as my tongue moves down your back to the top of your crack, lightly running my tongue down the outside of your crack as I move between your legs pushing them apart, spreading them so I can see you wet lips below.

Kissing my way around your cheeks, biting and sucking the soft skin, gently spreading your cheeks and running my tongue down the center till I come to your puckered opening, It clamps closed and then relaxes as my tongue runs around the outside edge, slipping to the center of your ring and pushing the tip of my tongue inside your tight ass.

Pushing my tongue further, I start to tongue ... your tight hole. Feeling it opening more and more to my tongue. Leaning up I gently run my one finger into your tight ass and the other in to your wet ... ... both holes at the same time. I can feel you pushing back to get more in to your holes.

I reach over and get your dildo, rubbing it over your wet lips, finding your opening and gently and slowly pushing it into your ... till it is all the way in. You cum for the first time, bucking under me. I leave the dildo in your ... and move up over your ass, spreading your cheeks you feel a cold liquid on your ass hole and then you feel my slick ... head pushing in to your asshole. You can feel the pressure as the head slowly opens you up and slip just past your ring, which grips my ... behind the crown.

Holding still I wait for you, slowly you push back and up taking more of my ... into your ass. I reach down and push your ass down to the bed as I shove my ... up your ass competely. I hold still enjoying the feeling of having you impaled on my ... letting your ass open and relax for me.

I begin to slowly ... your asshole. Long deep strokes, feeling your ring grip me with every stroke. I can feel it tighten up and feel you cum for me and groan out loud as you cum on my ... in your asshole. I push my ... all the way in and start spurting my molten hot cum in to your bowels, you cum again as I cum and fill your ass with my cream.

I slump down over your back with my ... still buried in my ass...


Try it

Use a lot of lube and take it very slowly. I can't say I ever got that much enjoyment from it or would want to be regularly having anal sex but felt I should try it as one of life's experiences!



I also not have any experience to do the same thing but I must want to try. but I am afraid because of it's side effect.



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Try it

Try it out at least once and don't forget some lube.


Dont be scared.

Like everyone has said foreplay is the key, some people even buy anal trailing plugs. justanal.co.uk is great.



To me it always hurts.


Anal sex

Some people enjoy it some not. It's not my thing.


Anal sex

Anal sex can be very enjoyable if done the proper way.....it has to be taken slowly, your partner has to arouse you properly and bring you to a certain stage of excitement in which you feel completely relaxed with all your body and ready for something new, if he/she is good with his/her tongue and hands you will already understand if you are up for it. I suggest perfumed body oils for massages to be poured all over you and caressed everywhere, it certainly gets you in the wright mood for it.....


Anal sex

i am 21yo boy have a sex with girls now i want anal sex is it ok for boys i want to go for it once but litel afraid


Anal sex

i am 21yo boy have a sex witanal sex is it ok for boys i want to go for it once but litel afraid


Like anal sex

i am 21 have sex withe girls but now i want to have anal sex is it painful is it ok with girls toy r i have to go withe boy


Anal sex

Hi...I am a 44 year old woman and have done that a few times.I personally can do without it.I dont believe a woman can orgasm like that,I have done it for his pleasure,I will tell you it is painful but if he works with you and loosens you up..it will be better.I have found that at least starting out on our side and having him enter,is less painful and gives you time to adjust and then maybe a different position.Do not let him enter your vagina after anal sex without claening first...you will get an infection.Good luck.


Keep calm and carry on

It is worth trying, stop if u do not like it. Take your time when u feel u are ready, recommend u2 play with dildo to start with.


Anal sex

hìi, don't worry,use lubricants during anal sex, and anal foreplay is must. We can use sex toys also. by the way i am also willing to do anal sex with my gf but i am confused how to tell her,plz help me in this regard.

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