the english man and sex


Hi! I'm a italian woman and I'm very curious about sexuality english man! Italian men are very hot about sex.
I think their first thought( and one...but this is my bad opinion ) is sex..sex..sex..sex...sexxxxxxx xxx!!!

And you?



Lucky you!

Hi Iris,

I think that is usually the first thought of men the world over and English men are no different - but now and then sex thoughts may come after 'football' 'alcohol' or 'porn'! I imagine Italian men are a lot more intense and romantic? I want an Italian man!!!

Gemma x


Hi gemma!


No no!!!
They are very hot, but their first interest is our body! They recited very well..but only for their interests!!!
There are men more romantic..but not very much!
When they are in love...are more fragil( and romantic)
Italian man, however, makes to feel beautiful women! When a man look at a beautiful( or nice..) girl, he shows openly his interesting !!! He is a wonderful sensation for us!!!
" Bona" ..or at Rome " abbona" is a nice word in order to say "beautiful girl". If you walk for road and hear this word , now, you know what it meant!

English man, instead ?
Smackkkk Iris


English men !


Hi Iris, I am an English man, and think that they can be more reserved than Italian men.
They play the game with bravado to hide their insecurities.
Yes many like football and being in a crowd of men so they feel secure. However there are those of us who are not afraid of women nor have anything to prove to their freinds, After all what happens when making love is between those people and no one else. If a man has to shout about it I would suggest they are neither confident nor competant with women.Only a small ... needs to crow! Beneath the animal attraction needs to be the ability to give more pleasure than you recieve.
To give and share rather than just take, because if something is worth doing then one should do it well.




Hi, english man!!!
You are the first english man that i have know in all my life! I give you , for this reason , a big kiss

I think that every person is wonderful!
The difference of people are something of important for us, because we can learn by our differences!
The discretion of the english man is famous in Italy! But i didn't think that this discretion derived from insecurities!!! This is a surprise for me!
Which is for you the reasons of your insecurities? The woman is responsible of this problem?

I think, like you, that in love and the sex ,we don't have to demonstrate nothing!!! I think that the sex is our wonderful way for to join us to the oppositive sex,!!

Kisses !!


Ciao bona


Hi Iris,
Kisses to you too. Where in Italy are you from. I love Italian design and culture.
My name is Peter,
The Famous British reserve is from the Victorians who made up customs how we should behave. They were very srtict. But behind their curtains they were just like everyone else, one out of four women were prostitutes during that time.
So British men often have insecurities about their behavior and sexuality, hence the peculiar british humour about sex.
Also many men find women very confusing, so can be embarrassed,
Many do not have fire in their blood,like people from a hotter country.
Fortunately I was brought up in Africa, I have three sisters and am an artist. so I am not the usual British man. I am more comfortable with women. I don't follow football or Rugby, why play with men? I much prefer women.



Hehehe....bona..ahahaha..you could be a good italian !

Your story is a lot interesting!
I don't think that there are persons without fire in the blood! I think that every person interacts with the habitat! An english man lived since child in Italy: he would be like an Italian! An italian man lived since child in England ,would be like an English!!!
You are lived in Africa and your blood is hot, or it isn't hot????!!!

And...this is important because it means that under the personality the sacred sex fire burns in the veins of everybody!!!!!
A man...is a man and the testosterone is in every man!!
The personality is the real problem....and in this case it is a victorian personality!!!!
But...under..under.. one english fire man!!! I'm sure!!!!!

I come from Monselice in province of Padova: it is close to Venice!
Monselice is denominated the city of the fortress ( i don't know if this is the right word!). I alive between the Euganei necks... and i'm a nurse!
Smackkkkkkkkkkk..or in english....Kisssssssssssssss!!

P.S. The second love of italian man..is...the football!! In the same level of the woman...and during the championship...in the first!





One thing..excuse me...what's your name?


Interesting post iris


I am an African woman living in Italy and married to an Italian. I have observed the relationship of the Italian man to sex. I can also say that I have had my fair share of observing the English and yes, you are right, Italian men wear their sexuality on their sleeves, unlike the English men, but I find them (Italians) shallow without sex. As a woman I know it's important to feel appreciated for your beauty but there comes a time when you yearn for something deeper than just physical gratification and that's where the Italian man is lacking....or maybe I have not met the right Italians yet. I'll take the English any day.....On the other hand though, Italian men can learn from their women.




Hi sweet !!! Which is the meant of "traven" ? I don't find this word in the dictionary! I think the nick-name is a reflection of our personality and so, i can know better you!!

I have attended the forum of alfemminile in Italy( or alf , abbrevation) for 4 years! I have know a lot of men and women! Their soul( anima)because in the virtual worl, the masks disappear and amerge the soul!

The italy man has some problems with the woman! The first problem is the difference between the woman thought and the man thought! The female is , and you are right, sentimental and complicated because her heart is full of feeling. The man don't understand this complicate herat because he is rational and linear!!!
Female and male are two opposit!!! Or no???
If you are able to go in depth, you
will discover that the opposite ones are attempted in order to be completed! But you cannot make to become a man like a woman! And the women , generally, want their men like a mirror of herself!!!
The men, instead , pleased of simple things...like sex, for example( ) .

I am married from 19 years..and in this years our marriage has crossed various storm..but every storm has approached in our differences.
Now i am more rations and he is more felling!

I'm sorry for your situation whit your husband. I think that the woman os the artificer of this approach! The man doesn't know to make it..follow to us!
If the woman of all world, undestand this point and get over her limits....there is the approached..the love..the real love, no the passion..the real love!




The name is Sweet Raven so the word you should have checked for is Raven (Corvo), per dire SweetRaven è un modo da dire Strega dolce, è relativo.

And you are right about the difference between men and women, however, there has to be a balance somehow. men cannot be fun if they are extremely cold and women cannot be fun if they are extremely emotional.

...questo forun di alfemminile, dove fanno? sembra una cosa interessante!



You must go to the home di alfemminile..in this site!
Down..you find alfemminile in italy!

There are a lot of dear friends....





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