Is it wrong to prefer anal sex?


Hi, this is my first post. I wonder if anyone can give me their opinion about this?

I'm a 37 year old woman and I've been living with my boyfriend for 6 months. We both have high sex drives and have sex at least 4 times a day, often more. I'd always wanted to try anal as something we could do occasionaly as a bit of variety and 4 months ago my boyfriend and I did it for the first time. It felt absolutely fantastic and didn't hurt at all. We did it for hours and I had my strongest orgasms ever. Ever since that night we've only done anal, we never have 'normal' sex anymore because we both love anal so much more.

The other day I told my friend about it and she said there must be something wrong with me if I like it that much and that it can't be good for me. Is she right? Is there something wrong with me for prefering anal to vaginal? And are there any health issues with doing it so much?


Anal sex is fun

As a trans woman I had many years during my transition when the only way I could have sex with my then boyfriend was anally. It was really enjoyable and I still have it with my husband but now prefer vaginal sex. It is what a couple most enjoy that counts. My husband now has more anal sex than I do as I regularly shag him with my strap on. He absolutely loves it. So just enjoy.!!


Why is it wrong?

I think that your friend is envious, maybe she don't practise anal sex!
Excuse me for the english, I'm an italian girl!


Best answer

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Is normal

I dont think there is something wrong with you .Because some girls like more anal sex end vagina sex ,is your choice.My boyfriend hi loves anal sex and he ask me every time we make sex to do the anal but me I don't like much ,I like more vaginal .The truth is I don't feel confortable with it every time we make anal sex I feel like I want to go to toilet end I hate this feeling .But if you feel confortable end don"t heart to you is nothing anormal .


Ability to orgasm


Every woman has the ability to orgasm, physiologically, because the space between her vagina and rectum is so thin that, in the doggie position, the penis is going to press up against her g-spot. Some women find it's the easiest way to stimulate their g-spot.


Anal sex

If you enjoy anal sex so much and with no pain then why change. I tried anal sex but found it painfull and never tried it since.


Anal sex is better sex

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. In fact, anal sex is better sex. It is much more intence, as you have discovered, and just feels a whole lot better when both people involved are open to it. I suggest you suggest your friend only have anal sex for one month. I'll bet she comes back and thanks you.


Nope not wrong at all

Sometimes I prefer anal too because there's more friction (as long as there's a LOT of lubricant), but I'm more used to vaginal because my partner prefers vaginal despite admitting that he really enjoys anal. Though you might find that anal feels really good straight after vaginal because it's one sensation after another (but definitely make sure you're done with vaginal before switching to anal because ATV is just unhygienic).

Only health issue I can think about is that because the anus doesn't possess Kegel muscles, it won't elasticate itself back into its original shape. I heard this lovely joke about anal sex where a woman complains her anus used to be the size of a 5p coin and after rigorous anal sex it looks like 50p coin. There's also the slight chance of you getting a scratch inside/just outside your anus but there's that same risk with vaginal.

Relax, it's completely normal!

Ly x


Is anal sex wrong?

I don't see any form of sex, anal or otherwise, as being wrong if both partners enjoy it and take sensible precautions. Some more extreme practices, which are enjoyable to their practioners, may be revolting to more 'normal' people. Because it is a minority interest does not necessarily mean that it is worse than the majority interest - merely that it is different.

Men making love to men used to be classified as a criminal act but now thankfully wiser heads prevail. Whilst I wouldn't want to make love to another man rectally, I could certainly see myself making love to a similarly-inclined woman or indeed have her making love to me with an anal dildo.

Sensible precautions in making love anally are to wash-out the rectum beforehand with a small enema (or larger if that turns you on!), to use plenty of lubricant and preferably wear a condom. It is most important that you never put anything that has been in the rectum into the vagina (dildo, penis, whatever). The other way round does not matter.

In terms of enjoyable anal sex play, all sorts of things can be inserted, from bananas and grapes to water, milk and soft fruit drinks. Just make sure that they are easy to insert and easy to expel!


I'm weird to...

I've been having anal sex for the better part of a decade...I also prefer it.

It has so many elements: taboo, exciting, unique, hot, etc.

I don't see how any one can make judgement calls as to what's normal or abnormal. Quite frankly, who cares! I like what I like and you should feel the same.


Is it wrong to prefer anal sex?"

Its really good to find a woman who likes Anal sex. Very few woman like the anal sex and may be your friend is one amongst them.

Anal sex is good as long you keep it clean. Most important thing is you should make sure you BF does not ... your anus and then put his ... into your vagina. This will carry ... into your vagina and you may get bacterial infection.

Rest evertything is fine. I love Anal sex and love it.It also helps you do it without condom and is a good way of contraception.


Whatever feel best!

I've had a similar experience - also 37, with two kids, and tried anal with my husband for the first time last October while on holiday. It certainly wasn't planned, but the opportunity just sort of presented itself - I was lying face down on the bad reading a book one night (naked), he came in from the shower, started to massage me, and the next thing I was opening my legs to 'let him in' when he got a bit over-eager and thrust forward into my anus.

Think he was a bit embarrassed, but the sensation was actually nice - don't think he could believe his luck when I suggested going back to the bathroom to get the lube! I was a bit nervous, but couldn't believe how good it felt, and like you had the most amazing orgasms - fair to say it was the best sex we'd ever had. Still have a lot of vaginal sex, but definitely get more satisfaction now from anal, and it's made my husband and I more intimate than we've been in years. As an added bonus, it's also helped me feel much sexier and self-confiden, so it's a winner all round really!


Nt at all

i dont think anal sex is wrong at all..actually men enjoy it more.coz its tight


There's nothing wrong with you

If there is then there's something wrong with me as well! You love lots of great sex, and you've just happened to find that anal is what you get the most pleasure from.

I've loved anal too ever since I first tried it about 5 years ago. I actually prefer it to vaginal sex as well. My boyfriend and me do plenty of both, but I find anal orgasms much better.

Health wise, as i said I've been doing it for 5 years and I've never had a problem. We always use a condom and plenty of lube and never go straight from anal to vaginal or oral. However I don't do it as much as you, about once a day on average (until I read your post I thought that was a lot).




I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers it.

Thing is the lubrication issue has me worried. We always used lots, but once we didn't have any but did it anyway. He was able to get it all the way in without any problem. It felt a bit sore after, but in a really good way. Now quite often we'll do it without lube. I'm worried this means I'm starting to get stretched back there, though my boyfriend says I'm still really tight.

Also we never use a condom either. We both prefer it without, it feels more intimate. Should we start using one or is it safe to carry on without.




be careful not to take the other admonitions too seriously. nothing wrong with you as far as i would know. once you develop a rhythm together, your own natural fluids can provide what you need. imo it makes for the very best sex, very intimate.

speaking for myself, I consistently had great anal sex with my gf using only vaginal juice and my spit and precum as lube. lots of spit, easing in very slow after vaginal ... and allowing my ... to leak precum into her for several minutes before we really started rocking. i'm bigger than average and thick, so i know from my experience even a big ... can fit nicely up a willing bum w/o lube.


No lube?


Chrissiev, I honestly can't imagine being able to get my b/f inside my butt without using lots of lube. Maybe you're able to relax your muscles better than me, but I think the soreness is a warning. I doubt you'll get stretched unless your b/f is very large. Don't be afraid to talk to your doctor, I told mine I was having anal sex and she was really good about it.

Randomtask - Is it not sore for you not using any lube?

The use of a condom is recommended by most health experts because of the bacteria that exist back there. But it's your bodies and your choice. I won't deny I haven't been tempted to go without one to see what it feels like but we haven't risked it, though we might at some point.


Lube, lube, lube


hi there
i can't imagine not using any lube - it's a must!!! ulness your bf is not very big and you should really use a condom as well as there is so much different types of bacteria inside your butt that you don't want to transfer it anywhere else - being a nurse i've seen a lot.....


Anal sex


Hi. I read your post. My girlfriend loves anal as well. She also seems to prefer it, so you're not alone. We do it pretty much every time we're together though not as much as you. We've never used condoms either and we never need to use any extra lube as she's always really wet down there.

I was actually wondering if anal is something that women get into as they get older? I only say this because my girlfriend is 42 and you're 37 and I see nickynocky is 40. When I've been involved with women my own age (I'm 29) they've never even wanted to attempt anal so the last few g/f I've had I didn't even suggest it. But my current g/f literally demanded I do it to her on our first night together. It was the first time for both of us and afterwards she told me that when she was younger the thought of doing it disgusted her but as she neared 40 she'd really wanted to try it. I don't know if it was the same for you?

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