Enema and anal sex


how many of you here who has been using enema before engaging into anal sex? Are there any precautions upon using it? I'm married for more than a year now and just last night we (me & my husband) had our anal sex for the very first time and we loved it. But I want it to be more clean the next time we do it and to avoid of any infections.



Anal sex

Anal sex refers to sex in or around the anus (bum) it is a preference for gay sex.


Anal spray

my boyfriend and I always use an anal spray before we engage in anal. I tried multiple lubricants and this was my favorite one. Hope this helps!



The best kept secrets of anal preperation.

I would like to share with you, something that took me decades to learn, and it was all by accident. There is an ideal way to clean out your anal cavity before sex. It makes no difference if you have a healthy or poor diet, or even if you have food allergies which has given you runny bowls most of your life.
I'm assuming the goal here is to just prepare your anal cavity for anal sex, so that you don't have any waste matter, or odor to deal with during sex.
So first an education on the fact that there are two very different ways to administer an enema. The first is the most commonly known, used, and usually the only way done, high colonic. This is where you inject water into your intestine which eventually triggers peristalisis, which sadly triggers the never ending poo train, turning your attempt of getting clean into a several hour nightmare. This should only be done for people that need a laxative, or that want to do a quasi internal cleansing. THIS IS NOT FOR ANAL SEX! You will never get your anal cavity clean by this method.
For anal sex, what you want to do, is get a two or more quart bag with warm water, possibly castle soap if you wish, it will make you feel clean, smell clean, and even taste clean. Hang the bag as high as you can while still being able to get on all fours, and let the water flow full force. Count to 10, and stop the flow.
Stand up, and shake your hips while this amount of water is in your anal cavity, this will loosen up any butt nuggets stuck to your inner cavity. Sit on the toilet and evacuate. Repeat this process a few or several times until you notice your evacuation to be clean and clear.
This process should take only about 15 minutes, so if you are sprung with the notion that you might be about to have anal sex, just tell your partner you need to go wash up first.

There are many concerns about washing out your natural flora, but because your only cleaning your rectum, it's not an issue here. There are concerns about preparing the night before. All I can tell you is this technique will keep you clean and ready for many hours ahead. ALWAYS USE LUBE FOR ANAL SEX.

I'm a 48 year old male, and started my first use of a dildo at the age of 18, so of course I was interested in enemas. Of course I was never doing it right and didn't figure this out until about the age of 45. Back when I was 18, I found that I could squat on a dong, and pound it for a bit, and was able to orgasm from it. This was while limp, and it felt oh so good. I know women don't have a prostate but being clean can make any anal play more attractive and acceptable.


Enema and anal sex

the anal douches are very good they will help clean the anus before penetration. the safest and cleanest method though is to wear a condom.


You don't need an enema

You don't need an enema before anal sex. If you're "regular" enough, and you don't have any problems down that end, just make sure you've not been to the loo for an hour and you'll be fine.



use a mild soap and have a relaxing enema
works well if you are new in anal sex
try a simple position and use plenty of lub in and out good luck x



Using a douche in the anus is an enema in all but name but I wouldn't recommend it as anything used in the rectum should be kept well clear of the vagina. Having an enema can be a very satisfying experience, even erotic to some, and will make anal sex a doddle!


You could try douching

You could try douching instead. This will help to remove any faecal waste in the lower part of the colon. Doing this will ensure that your anal play is clean without you having to take the rather drastic step of using an enema.

You can buy douches from most online adult stores.



hiya hun i completely hear you but enemas can be harmful and do more damage than good, plus i hate all the faffing around with tubes and water temp, this is more of a plan ahead method but lots gentler on your body. if u pic a day when u dont have work ect and can be at home for a couple of hours first thing in the morning,
on an EMPTY stomach, get two pints of luke warm water and put two level tspns of salt in it, drink it up (its not as bad as everyone thinks! honest) and the salt makes ur body read the mixture as the same as blood so it all passes straight through your body and out the other end completely flushing you through. so nice clean bum ready for lots of fun!!! x x x

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