How do i cum?


i'm 17 and i've been in a relationship for 8 months, but even in previous relationships i have never cum. my boyfriend is great in bed. we have oral sex, we use lube and have kinky sex in naughty places but i can never seem to cum. he thinks i'm too tensed. how can i reduce this to make me cum?



hump your pillow, on the corner of your bed......its awesome!


Sounds weird

i use a pillow to hump on and the corner of my bed, awesome climax, or one guy used to let me hump his leg, only way i can cum......but when i do, its over n over, n over again!



Not all girls can cum and you will hardly ever cum through penetration the key is to get your boyfriend to use his fingers and almost get him to try to push hes fingers up behind your clit push his fingers in pretty far and then pull them towards you or practice on your self until youve got the hang of it and then you can teach it to him.
Talk to eachother so you both know what you like. Hope this helps



are you gay



You probably dont have enough clitorial satisfaction.
That's the only reason i can really think of from what you tell us.


I want to cum!

Thanks for the advice, sorry i haven't been able to reply for a while i've been trying out some of your sex tips. But how do i get myself to cum? Like how do i know how to? Could it be because i don't pleasure myself? We did actually manage to make me cum in May by oral sex n a little vibrator from ann summers but since then we hav had no luck, but the orgasms he makes me have are amazinnnnng! What else could we try? My m8s can cum n they don't pleasure themselves so i don't know what to do. Please Help!!!!


Don't stress about


Hi Mate, I was in your situation a while ago -
Orgasm and cum are the same thing - so don't get confused about that one.

I was worried that i either never came or had an orgasm because f the way others talk about it .. But I explored myslef and now i am happy to say that I can cum! and when i say cum i mean ACTUALLY Cum woman style of ejaculation aka Squirt.

Most woman need to pee after having sex ( this is your actual cum) not pee!
to orgasm or cum your inner muscles ( vagina) will contrat volentery.

The best help was a Vibrator or clit stimulator ( focus on your clit first). Don't bother about putting it inside of you TRUST ME the OUTTA orgasm kicks arse over an innie anyday.

Practise on yourself BY YOUR SELF! there maybe slight burning Don't be scared you are almost there hold your pelvic floor musucles in and relax this can help bring it on faster. you will feel this awesom sensation and hot flushes hold on it it mate and ride it out cause just after that is the EARTH SHATTERING KABOOM .

I am happy to say that I am so glad to have bought a vibe! it was the best thing EVER! and the sex with m husband of 10 years is OUTTA THIS WORLD ..

Good luck remeber he won't be able to get you there until you can


Master your own...

You NEED to know how to make YOURSELF CUM before He can do it for you. Its kind of a learn & share gig. 17 is kind of young to know this. But its true, you gotta know what makes you CUM so you can teahhim, and hope he pays attention.


Still mastering your own..


sorry, typ=O there...I meant s you can teach him too.


Same prob

were realy addventurous, and im not afraied to try anything, but i just cant cum, and bless him he's realy trying and wants to make it happen, but i cant do it for him and this makes me feel gilty.


Are you tense?

i think if you are able to have all sorts of sex, then you are pretty much at ease.
we are all different, and it can take alot for us to cum. i love oral, and it makes me cum every time. i also find sex is harder, but it can be done. you just need to find the position that suits you best.
the two positions i find best are:
lying on my back, with legs on his shoulders. it is very deep, and so can be a little uncomfy, but it seems to work for me. and he loves it.
another is me staddling him, then lying back. you need to move your pelvis about, to find the "best bit" to make it happen. this is my latest one, and i find it good.
as i've said everyones different.
why not buy a goot vibrator! that way you can totally relax in your own world, and experiment alone to find what is best for you. if this sounds appealing, then get the rabbit. i got mine from ann summers(the blue one)you can let your bunny join in with the two of you also. unless your partner is the jealous type(haha). its just a thought.
hope ive helped you a little.
just enjoy practising, you'll soon be going, ooooo,lala. TRUST ME!!!!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx




Thanks for your advice Chelle, i'll definately give it a go. We try that position and it helps, but aftewards i get stomach pains, is that due to the fact he ... my spot or what? We'll try absolutely anything to make it happen, will give your advice a go. Thanks xxxxx


Me too!

any replies to this will help me loads too. I've been with my bf for 10 months and we've tried deep penetration positions but ive never comed. please someone help us!


Still ain't workin!


Ok here's the deal. Still with the same partner i was with before. Our sex life is still firey although not as much as usual. From the las time i made a post on here i have cum once, and tha was it!!!
I absolutely adore oral sex, however, when i orgasm i get really fidgety and force him off me because i tingle so much. Why do i do this? What can i do to stop myself doing that and from that point how far off am i from cuming? and how do i know that when i cum i won't wee in his face?


My way


i can only cum my humping a pillow, an the side or corner of my bed, i rub my clit on it, use muscles in my arms, an..omg....i can cum for 15 min. its embarresing, but give me somethin to hump on, or rub my clit on an its the bomb.

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