Knicker fetish


i was wondering if you could help me with a particulally awkward problem i have at the moment.
Ever since i started seeing my current partner i have had a fetish for smelling her worn knickers..nothing too dirty i might add but just lightly worn..i really dont want to keep it a secret any longer but feel if i tell her she will think im a freak..what do u think? shall i tell her or not?



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Filthy fettish

If your wanting to buy some filthy panties to smell just give me a message
I do cheap prices and would love for you to smell my pants
I also sell my dirty pictures if you want to see me smell and taste my own!


Don't be shy


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Hi !
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Knicker fetish

I'd forget my head...honestly lol..


Miss Knickers xx


Knicker fetish


I'm a 45 year old hot MILF and I love to sell my worn panties, knickers and thongs!! The thought of you having them just makes me so horny...

Very reasonable prices and I can do a set of pics with me wearing your chosen panties just for you!!

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Worn panties


I am a 40 year old blonde and I love selling my worn panties.
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Fetish for panties

Long time ago I realised I loved underwear, both mens end womens. I have a little collection of womens and mens. When I was married, i used to look forward to every night when I could indulge in my ex panties, the smell was a delight to me. I am now 37 and I still have the same need to that I had when I was 15. I always wondered if I was the only guy that really enjoyed the smell of used panties, but by the look of it I am not and that's nice to know. If anybody would like to chat about this, let me know. ericrichard2489@hotmail.com




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No need to tell

You are not the first one man in the world who is having this panty fetish. I would like that you should read this link.
No need to tell her.



This will help

http://goodgirlsdontgetcaught.weebly. com/


Sexy used panties

I love to hear men talking about wearing and wanting womens used panties..
I find it such a turn on!

It got me soooo hot; I decided to give some of my panties to a guy I know and wow....

I have now started a little website where men can buy used panties. It's great; anyone interested... come and say hi xxxx

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if u like sniffing knickers me and my sister sellin our used knickers with pics because we are so broke, for right money u can come sniff them while we wear them




message me on my e mail account apc.pamroberts@yahoo.com and lets sort some business


Knicker fetish

hi bexleyboy,yes i would tell her,or you could try and get cought sniffing her knickers.you never know what she would say,she might already know you like her knickers.


To sniff or not to sniff

After a while of keeping this a secret from my wife, I decided it was time she knew. One day when she was showering I asked her if she needed and clothes washed, (good little Sub Boy I am see), I joked about not washing her knickers as I might need them later. She laughed, but later that day when I went to bed and asked her for the knickers she was wearing, she just took them off and handed them over. Luck I know, but could have gone the other way totally, now she knows, I dont even bother with them to be honest. I think it was more the idea of being caught.

Hope this helps


Knicker fetish.

It depends on how long you have known her and how good your relationship is. It also depends on whether or not you sleep together.
If you are about to have sex, I suggest you go down on her and then tell her how nice her natural smell is. You can then suggest you want to sniff her dirty knickers later. I doubt that she would object.
If you just happen to be in a discussion about body smells you can tell her how nice she smells and how nice her knickers must smell.
It really is not difficult to raise the subject except if you are only just together. In this case, why not raise her skirt when you are sitting beside her and then put your head in her lap? You can then say, "What a lovely smell" and push your head up against her knicker crotch. Alternatively, you can feel her between her legs and then sniff your fingers and tell her how nice the smell is.



i quite pften am given my partners worn panties to smell or wear or masturbate with while she sits and masturbates while watching me, sometimes we make love with me wearing her panties then she will mop me up and taste my cum from her own knickers so a fantasy both ways and as long as honest doesnt offend others.


Girlfriends worn panties


I dont think there's anything wrong with sniffing your partners panties, i sniff my girlfriends panties all the time and she is absolutely cool with it. Not only is she cool with it but it turns her on tremendously. I like it if she has worn them at work all day and they are still a little bit damp. I like to just lay back and let her do her thing, which is holding her dirty knickers up to my nose with the damp gusset pressed against my nostrils while she rubs another pair of knickers over my ... and balls. The smell of her pussy and the feel of her lace panties on me makes me very very horny. I just lay there as she orders me to sniff her undies while ... me off into another pair.


Dont worrie

hi i do no wot you are going througth i was in the same boat about a year ago but as your parner dont kown about your fetish yet i think you should tell her it mite turn her on a bit in had no choose but to tell her as my parner see me sniffing her knickers now she leave me her knickers to sniff so dont be shy tell her

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