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Large penis causing problems


Hi all,

I'm writing an article about how a large penis isn't always a great thing and can actually stop couples from having sex or cause major rows... anyone here have this experience in their relationship??


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Large penis

my last boyfriend was large, and it took a while before I could take all of him in.


You learn

my husband is rather large as well, i lost my v-card to him and i guess because of that after a while it doesn't affect me any. i learned the little tricks on how to take all of him in my mouth, and after about a month of being together it stopped hurting during intercourse all together, granted im 5 10 so perhaps that has something to do with it. but if your willing you can get past all of it.


Large ... a problem?

My boyfriend has a big one too, and i don't think he knows the pain he's putting me in. The next time you go to have sex just tell him to be careful with you cuz he's big down there. That worked 4 me. He still laughed but he understood me. And know it doesn't hurt so much.


Large penis

how have things been going with you and your large penis.



don't have anything to add but was very interesting reding the posts i personally don't like large penis' I prefer the sixe in between.


Sex need for building strong relationship.

Hello Johan, I think this article very help full to u.

Sex for men is the dream that they watch to have with their partner in the most beautiful way. Men when have a sex develops a close companionship with his partner and starts to love her more. For men sex is the part of the love that is necessary to develop a healthy relationship with the partner. On the other hand, sex is a far more emotional activity for the women rather than physical. Women create an emotional bond of love with their partner once they have the sex with him. Thus, sex is very important to strengthen the men-women relationship. It has been proved scientifically if the sex is unsatisfactory then certainly there are problems in the relationship. The relationship doesnt persist for the long time in the absence of the sex. Sex plays a very crucial role in flourishing the men-women relationship.

Many people think of sex, just as the activity of the leisure, but I would like to bring to their notice that it was sex because of which we are here. So, such is the importance of the sex. Sex has been considered as sin; whereas in correct sense it is the blessing of the god given to mankind to grow its race. Sex has been also been termed as the one of the ways to reach the oneness with the god, said by, Rajneesh Osho, the renowned saint. Sex is the symbiotic association where both the partners give and take equally. We can say sex as the game, but the only exception here is that both the partners win in it. Sexual satisfaction of both the partners is the first and final rule for game of sex. The most important part of the naturals law is sex that makes the person happy and improves the quality of life.Sex along with the improvement in the relationship, plays a significant role in maintaining the health of the individual. Sex done once reduces around 1000 calories in the body that were found to non-beneficial for the health. Sex improves the immune system by increasing the production of the IgA antibodies.
Sex is the most pleasurable experience in the world with large number of benefits. During sex a hormone is developed in the brain of the men and women that helps in the bonding a closer relationship between both the partners. Relationship can be made enduring with the help of the satisfactory sex life. Sex stands to be an immortal truth in the life of the humans, and thus should not be denied. Hence, if you have any problems in your relationship, get engaged in sex, I guarantee that all your problems will be solved.


Small penis - too much info?

Don't know if this helps but i have the opposite problem. My penis is tiny, under 3 inches when erect and i have never been able to keep a gf. most have just laughed and said i dont even have enough to play with, all have left me except my current gf, who still laughs at it too.
we tried sex once but she said it just didnt work for her as there wasnt enough to get inside her.
since then we just stuck to me licking her but now she says she has been seeing another guy who is much bigger and gives her the pleasure she wants. I'm scared i am going to lose her to him but what can i do. like i said no other girl has even be interested


Ditch her


Hi Tinyboy, I know this is an old post but thought i would send it anyway in case it helps anyone else. Pentration is only part of sex, there are loads of other things u can do to bring each other to climax. Have u considered using toys on your partner like a vibrator or dildo to satisfy her need to be filled? This way she can choose whatever size ahe wants and its actually a lot of fun and can be erotic in itself. Or perhaps even a strap on? Then she would feel more like u were making love to her, try www.lovehoney.co.uk. They have lots of toys to chose from. Unfortunately though, it would seem that she is not really worthy of all this worry, as sleeping with another man is really not an act of love!!!! She does not deserve u. I would say ditch her and find someone who can see beyond your genitals! Easier said than done i know, but women like this do exist i promise!

Rubes xxx


I have the same problem


Hi there,
I have the same problem, my penis is as small as yours, its also very thin, and I am also very worried. I have just met this beautiful girl and I am affraid she is going to leave me.
Have you ever thought of doing something about going tru some sort of procedure to enlarge the size of your penis?



Large penis

hello me and my partner have been together for 6 years and his pi-enis has got bigger and bigger i am quite small and we use alot of lubricant but if one of us pushes a bit to far in the heat of the moment or usually when he cus it hurts so much and for a while i have been to the doctor before and he has told me i have brusing on my insides its not intenshioal just frustrating and quite oftern i dont want to have sex


Have a loog at lareg penis support group




Too big for comfort

my husband is well endowed and he expects me to put the whole thing in my mouth. It's impossible for me to do this and he doesn't understand that. We sometimes get into arguments because of this. He should try being on the other side of the fence.


Bigger is sometimes problematic



Large penis problem

Myself & my wife have had a problem with my penis size since we met 10 years ago. We have been married 8years now,& our sex life is dead. We had our daughter 3 years ago which was probably the last time we had sex properly so that we could have a baby.But even this was a struggle & my wife was pleased she got prenant quickly so that we didnt have to carry on with with full sex. We went to see counselors & have seeked advice from other sources, but it has all failed. All they tell you is have lots of foreplay, of which we already did. We both enjoy foreplay & she would be relaxed, even if she had a few drinks. But as soon as it came to penatration i could see the pain her face. Most of the time she would try & continue to plese me, but i wanted her to enjoy it properly. We love each other like mad otherwise as we dont have any other problems. Apart from our sexual problem, we hardly have any disputes. She has now admitted to me that she is having sex with someone else only for only for that reason. She says that she doesnt feel any love towards him, & she still loves me & wants to stay with me, but she just cant have sex with me. I am trying my best to get my head round it, but i dont know if i can. especialy when she is doing things now that i always wanted to try such as anal sex. So as you can see having a large penis isn't always such a good thing when you love someone & they have to go elsewhere to get they want, which is sex without the pain. This is something that i cant talk to anyone about as they think you are just boasting about the of your penis, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Sites like this are the only times you can say what are feeling.


Its not you!!


mate you have done all the right things-she is behaving sooo badly!!! how dare she go and have sex with someone else-and tell you that its your fault!!! seriously-if she can relax enough to take any size bloke anally mate she can take anything youve got vaginally!!!!trust me-she does not love you like mad-she is utterly selfish!!! sorry...but really go find someone who appreciates you- interesting dimensions or not xx


I had the same problem


Hi, my husband is a big fella too! Fine when we were young and excitable, but , just like your wife after the baby Oh my dog! Things got a lot more difficult..I think it didn't help that I didn't even have a natural birth experience - so I am still a bit tight. Then I am convinced the woman's homones change.., but I was physically damaged .
We can't do anal (I'm too small there too )so think of it more as her problem.
i also think she is being a total cow to you the way she is behaving and blaming you.
I think you need to find a woman who appreciates your generous bits! You know some women never feel full again after having a baby..If she can be unfaithful just for sex..so can you ..and you can make someone very happy in bed.Have an open relationship...s'only fair!
She is using you to provide for her and her baby(more than a bit spishus re the only sex with you for a baby thing if you ask me)...me & him have a great sex life now and no pain..she has jumped-ship..you deserve a woman who appreciates you!
I only wish i could handle a ...spare!-))H


Hey johannap!!!

Well, no, I'm not going through it, but maybe he needs to finger it before putting it in. Maybe that would help. If that doesn't work than you might have to look for other ideas on how to stimulate each other. - Lonelylover -


Same problem here......


I've been with my fiance for 6 years now. In the beginning she was all about it. Now she almost seems disgusted if I bring sex up. I always thought she would get used to it, but I think she is tired of the pain and I don't know what to do.

The last time we had sex she was bleeding after and it has been a "sore" subject ever since. I love her very much and never imagined this to be the cause for our potential break up.

There's no such thing as a penis reduction is there?


Make sure she's not gay


I know it sounds rather off but sometimes it happens... But think about your relationship and anything that might hav happened to her off... Talk talk talk about it, communication is key

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