Laser hair removal- which machine is the best?



I just wondered if anybody knew which hair removal machine is the best, ive heard IPL is the best?



I used depitime handy hair removal

I ordered the depitime hair removal from www.depitime.us last Wednesday. And I used the coupon code Depitime50off. Their service are very good. They shipped my item immediately after processing my order,the shipping time only takes 4 days. I have received it yesterday and try it. The machine works very well. It only takes me $135 because the coupon code. It is a nice shopping experience.


Best laser hair removal machine

Hi dear friend ,

Good day

For hair removal ,808nm diode laser would be a very good choice ,it is specialized for hair removal permanent ,painless and much faster than ipl machine

I'd like to introduce you more details about this laser if with further interests

Nicole Zhang


Laser hair removal


Goodday, can you provide me with more info on the laser hair removal machines? I want to buy one for my salon but dont know which one will be best?


Silk'n glide

HI girls,
I have the Silk'n Glide and I am using it for 4months now and I can say for sure that it is the best investment I've made for years! I bought it really cheep too form here : http://www.arivabeauty.com/silkn-glide.html
If u have any questions - ask


Which machine is the best?

I am using Silk epil 7.Try that it is good and it reduces hair growth as well.The best part is it does not bring pain.


Laser hair removal

Hi there
we are a laser hair removal clinic based in Birmingham, West Midlands. We use the Cynosure Elite system which operates on 2 wavelengths - allowing us to treat pale skin on the alex wavelength as well as darker skin on the yag wavelength. The Cynosure Elite system is one of the best of the market and has only positive reviews. I agree with below comments regarding laser technicians, majority of unsucessful treatments are down to the technician and not the equipment used. Saying that, IPL is definatly not effective for hair removal and if anything can actually promote hair growth.
If you are from the Birmingham area, feel free to book in for a consultation (its free) and we can explain a lot more in depth.
Miss Couture Beauty & Laser Clinic


No machine is best for all individuals

No machine is best for all individuals. IPL is cheaper and can treat a wider range of skin tones. Lasers are costly but more effective. Here is a article about the pros and cons of IPL hair removal and laser hair removal.





Laser hair removal

I do not use IPL or laser I find waxing the best. But, I know that IPL is way more cheaper than the laser.


Lightsheer diode in harrow the best

There is a huge misconception about ipl and lasers......2 very different machines. Ipl is a cheaper machine on whole for a salon to buy hence every salon has one.....those that care will spend £50,000+ on a machine. The girls in xquisite beauty worked at Boots before and now have opened their own place. Www.xquisitebeauty.co.uk call japa on 07930920076


Good experience with tria

I bought a Tria and it works great. I do a little bit at a time, so it's safe. If I do a different part everyday, I keep up and never get burned. Don't try to go for every hair the first time you do it.

Bought my Tria at http://athomehairremoval.org


Try the me

Fortunately there are an absolute ton of products on the market giving you lots of options. Of course, not all options are worth your money. I recommend the Me Smooth - - Here is their site: http://mepower.com/. The Me uses IPL with radio frequencies to go down to the base of the follicle to stop hair growth. It also works with all skin tones, which is uncommon. Visit the site, because it is a high quality option worth considering.


Diode laser is best for fast and safe hair removal

as i know, diode laser such as 808nm wavelengh diode laser is best, fast safe and painless.


No no hair removal is the best i think

hello there, no no hair removal is the best i think, hey love your pic would be nice to be friends? what d'ya say?


Try silk'n flash&go!

If you want the best I would suggest Flash&Go! I bought one because it had great reviews and a friend recommended me to try it and I love it. It's easy to use and it really does work! My hairs take 10x longer to grow back and some areas are not even growing back. I think eventually after a few more months of use I'll be completely hairless. But you should definitely research it and check it out! It works for me.



IPL for hair removal needs at least 3~8 treatments, then you could see the effect, the laser is same


Flash & go

I've been using Silkn's Flash & Go device on my legs and face. I've completed 4 treatments so far and I can see a difference in the thickness of hair and how frequently it grows back. Overall, I am satisfied with this product and I definitely recommend it.


Be very careful


These machine coming in from China are dangerous,we have had two or three in for repair and the standard of work is terrible.
The insurance companies are overwhelmed with badly made IPL machines from the far east,or machines made in the far east with a different bodywork fitted in this country.
We have had two in where the applicators had voltage from 15/180 volts coming the part that was on the patient.
One woman had hers for 3 months and it went kaput,she came to us because the company did not want to know.
They even blamed us for breaking the machine,in the end they sent a simmer board to us,and we fitted it for the lady.
This is something else everyone should be cautious about,they have not got a very good track record on customer relations.
One day one of these ipl machines from the far east will badly hurt someone or kill someone.




completely agree with your words


Me too waiting for reply...

actually when i searched 3 names came on first search...
1 remington- but its prob is bulbs r not gud n require freq change it just gives 1500 flashes
2 tria- it requires special gel n gives around 20000 flashes bulb could be replaced
3 philips- its handy direct application 80000 flashes but has to throw it after that its flashes r less powerful in comparison to both....
this is what i found on net if u find anything better plz let me know too... i'm planning to buy it by end of this month...

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