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Addicted to bras?


Pointless post but i just had to ask... Is anyone else apart from me and Leaspin addicted to buying bras?

I can't stop, i walk into a shop and automatically head to the underwear section and buy one in every colour . I went into tkmaxx today for homeware - i didn't even make it to that floor!

I can't stop myself, pre op i couldn't give a toss about bras i probably wore the same 3 bras for 5 years, now i want a fresh 'matching set' everyday!

I hope this new addiction of mine slows down soon as im running out of room, my bank balance can't take it and lets keep it real - i only have two boobs lol!

Anyone else got the same problem?



Me me me!!


I have soo many bras my drawers will no longer close and I am going to have to either buy some more furniture to fit them in, or chuck out some of my hubbys clothes to make space lol tough call!

AND i just realised i have no t-shirt bras (all mine are lacey and look not good under shirts/t-shirts) so obv I will need one of those in each colour... and i only have 1 bikini which just wont do...

HELP! we need a support group or something! "Hi everyone, my names Laura, and I'm addicted to buying bras..."





Oh good, i'm so pleased it's not just me...

I brought another two yesterday and like you am running out of room as these DD and E cups take up a lot more room then those piddly A cups!

If i were you i'd demote hubby's stuff, he won't notice or mind lol!

I defo think some form of rehab is for me... I'm currently packing my case for holiday and 3/4 of it is bra's and bikini's! Shocking!! Reckon i'll be well over my allowance ha!

On a serious note tho, we deserve to treat our new buddy's we've gone years walking past the lovely bra's not being able to buy... I'm just making up for lost years! Oh just realised - i've not got a racer back bra... Back to the shops for me



Bra shopping today!

I haven't even left the house yet and I am feeling overwhelmed. I think my head will spin off when I enter Debenhams.

Trying to keep calm... one, two, three and... breathe.


Go girl!


Oh god i'm so jealous! Wish i could come with!!

Have fun, you are gonna have a fab time! Post and let us know how you got on ie, how broke you are after lol!



Gorgeous range by debenhams


Omg! That was the hardest day shopping ever. All bras are completely different! Tried on really expensive ones, really cheap ones and down right slutty ones. Lol! Debenhams came out on top...

To all those about to embark on this hideous experience, good luck! Ha!

Feel better after a bottle of Pinot : D





And what size are we filling chick??





That's right babyyyyyy! Lol!




You go sister!!

Bet you felt well proud picking that size up. I look at the little 34a's now and think bless...




Hi, iv got 4 days to go til my op.. I was thinking the exact same this morning.. I cant wait till i can buy every bra in sight! Never thought id hear myself say that... For years iv absolutely hated go bra shopping and yes i have had the same 3 bras for years! I have looked after them tho as their my most presious gel bras lol..
Cant wait 2 throw them all away on day 1 post op, and most of all cant wait 2 wear backless tops and dresses x x


Oh yes! i am!

Ordered 26 bras in the Next sale last night! Obviously I won't keep them all! Well not unless they all look lovely!! So enjoying being able to fit into pretty bras and not just the extra padded ones!!
PS Channyfro I had a great holiday in my bikinis but didn't brave topless! Boohoo! Regretting it now as my white boobs glow in the dark!! Definitely next time! xx




Yaaaaay i've found someone as bad as me - i ordered another 3 today from Next! Loving this bra business!

Oh hun, thats a shame you didn't feel confident enough to get them out but i'm sure you will on your next holiday.

I'm off again next week and the friend im going with has banned me from going topless shes a pre op (still deciding if she's gonna do it or not) 32a and does'nt want my 34DD's on show!! Pah i paid good money for these and they are getting an outing



Ha ha!


Next have some bargains! It would be rude not to take advantage!
I thought about it but after spending the past 16 years hiding them its just a habit I need to learn to break! They still have a bit of dropping to do i think so I was more conscious of the scars (as tiny as they are).
Enjoy your next holiday! Go for it! Like you say they need outing! Hope you've paid for extra luggage allowance for all those bras and bikinis! xxx


loving this thread!!...

Hello.., two weeks today until my i join the booby club..., so nervous but when i read threads like this.. I cant wait!!... At the mo i live in the same padded bra.., which i rotate with an identical one as i HATE bra shopping as i just feel embrassed as dont have much boob to put in the bras!!... I cant wait to feel confident in nice, sexy bras & NO padded or gel filled bras!!.. xx


Not long


No need to be nervous sweets, i found the whole thing a breeze and am now having a whale of a time shopping for them! You'll soon be too!!

Good luck chick, not that you'll need it!



You girls crack me up!!

I've had lots of giggles reading this discussion, thanks ladies x

I am 20 days post op now and still living in my macom but soooo looking forward to hitting the shops for my new bras.

My hubby said as long as I got some bras that showed off my boobies he was 100% behind me, when I decided to get my BA done. Even though I was a d/dd for years I always wore t-shirt bras(bullet proof bras he called them!) cos they seemed to give me a fuller rounder shape that I wanted. He says I have to buy more sexy stuff now - think he just wants to see my nips through them really

Sounds like you girls are probably the best people to advise me on where I get these lovely new bras from???? x



I second the pure lace range and of course I love their Boob job bras (hence the avatar pic). I also find Freya bras are sooooo pretty and girlie and comfy too! Leia website have some Freya bras half price at the moment. I must not buy, I must not buy, I must not buy....................

Channyfro, I just remembered I bought a Geri bikini the other day in the Next sale. I had a VIP invite and it would have been totally wasteful not to have bought something. Now I just need to sneak it upstairs without hubby seeing. He just doesn't understand that I really DO need another bikini!





Oohhh Which geri one did you get?? I got the blue and white polka dot with the skirtini? Love it!!!

Sssshhh but she's got some new ones out, currently have a pink polka dot one in my basket!!

No one need know lol




Mine was the yellow polka one with the skirtini

1 week, 5 days until I get to wear it!! The hubby will have to pack light to make room for my bikinis!



Great minds...


Don't worry about him, 1 pair of shorts, 2 tshirts and Mr man is catered for haha!

I tried the yellow on but i already had another yellow one funny enough so opted for the blue!

1 week and 3 days and im off again - can't blooming wait! You'll get lot's of attention in that bikini chick, hope hubby's prepared?!





Hi. Just a quick question, what size did you order your Geri bikini in? Mine arrived today and I am seriously busting out at the top. I ordered 32e/f and usually wear 32f.


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