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Pregnant after depo-provera


Hi all,
has anyone out there conceived after being on depo (the contraceptive injection)?

I have a strong feeling that I am pregnant (will know for sure tomorrow when the results come back from the Drs)

I have been on the depo for 6 years, but had my last injection in august after deciding with my fiance that we wanted to try for a baby. I knew it could take a LONG time to get back to normal, but i am experiencing a large number of symptoms which point to pregnancy.
the dr has also said that I am very fertile, so it is possible that I might conceive on my first ovulation, and therefore not have my period.

has anybody had an experience similar to this...????




I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Provera) - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.


Pregnant after depo-provera" - posted by lallybish 28 february at 16:53

I have been on the depo since i was 19 (i'm 33 now). 14yrs!!
I was unaware until recently that you are not supposed to be on the needle longer than 2yrs at a time as it can contribute to bone marrow loss. i have knee problems and don't know now if this has made things worse. I got pregnant on the depo in 2001 giving birth to my daughter two days before my 24th birthday in 2002. When I asked the doctors why this happened everything became hush hush. I wan't late for my needles or missed any so there was no reason why i got pregnant unless it was a dodgy needle. When I arrived at doctors appointments they were usuallly stood by recepton talking about me (wasn't paranoia - they had my notes infront of them and mentioning my name) everytime i went in - iwas beginning to get a complex and I was made to feel guilty. I still haven't been told now why or what reason I got pregnant. It's now 9 yrs on and now I want another child. I didn't go for my last needle 14th December 2009 and I still haven't conceived. Periods becoming regular and I have had plenty of pregnancy symptoms and a lot of disappointment. I too would like to know how to get the drug out of my system once and for all so that I can have my child and stop becoming desperate for my biological clock to return to normal.


I have been on the depo for 5months and ...

I have been on depo for 5 months and is now having trouble with nausea and cramping in the bottom of my stomach. I'm having the same pain I had when I first heard I was pregnant with my son and in the same place. I was a week and a half late to go back in get my shot and now I'm scared because I don't think I'm ready for a second child when my first child is only 13 months. Is it really possible to get pregnant while on the depo, please someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stopped depo 3 months ago,still no peroid

hello ive been on the depo for 5 years and decided 2 come of it in april 09...just 2 give my body a rest..ive still had no peroids but jus couple times of spottng when wipeing my self but thats it,is this normal?iam using comdoms with my partner so i fink its very unlikely that im preg and cuse i was on it 5yrs and dint fall preg...




Hi, i had my first depo injection 2 months ago, i had unprotected sex within the first week of the injection (although it was meant to work from straight away) i was told to use condoms for the first week, which i chose not to listen too oops. I thought i may have become pregnant so took a test just over a month ago & the test was negative. My periods have completely stopped, and i am now getting many symptoms of pregnancy, including sickness and nausea, headaches, weepiness, bloating, stomach cramps, dizziness etc etc. Im not sure if theres the need to take a pregnancy test. I would absolutely love a baby but my partner doesnt want not just yet. Worried about having my next injection in case i could be pregnant, can anyone give any advice? Sorry about the essay! X



hey i had been on the depo since dec 2004, i stoppped taking the depo in dec 2008.... i am currently trying to get pregnant and nothing i have been having my period on and off for the whole month of march and feb ...wat should i do , and are u pregnant


Pregnant after depo

dont lose hope, i was quite lucky i was on the depo for 3 years came of it may 2008.
we have a 5 yr old boy and thought it was too big a gap and should try for a baby.
my periods came back straight away and got pregnant after 7 months coming off the depo. my cycle was all over the place initially starting from 38 days to 25 days then 24 days then pregnant. it will work for you eventually, our bodies work in different ways depending on your age health e.t.c. i will pray for you and i hope the day will come you will see success.

good luck


Advice pls


Hello asihaali

i am wondering if you did anything particular to help you conceive so quickly? I am 24 slim and fairly fit and healthy. i too took depo and stopped last year. my periods came back after 2 months and i have been having 48 day cycles. this month af came after 25 days, saddening that this was not month i am glad they may have become more regular meaning more chances. even if you cannot give any reason, your post has given me hope that i am still doing everything right and there is someone else like me

thank you


Concieving after depo

I have been on the depo for over 13 years. I stopped in October, got my first period in November and I became pregnant in March (i wasnt trying) and I only have 1 ovary. Maybe I am just uber fertile, but that is my story.
Good luck



I know this is an old post but thought I would reply - I was on depo happily for 4 years, it was perfect, no probs with it.
Decided to come off it in February as was told it would take a while for my body to get back to normal, let alone get pregnant ... I had one period then fell pregnant straight away!
over the moon of course but a lot sooner than we'd planned for!


Re: depo

hi there, just to say that i got pregnant while on it. i was taking it, but bleeding after 9 weeks, instead of 12. i had to start having th injection every 8 weeks to cover me. i was on it for about 8 months, and had all the symptoms of being pregnant, and did a pregnancy test, and i was. couldnt believe it!! that was with my second child, and so it was lovely. i always wanted 2 kids, and there was a good age gap between them. i then went on to the evra patch, where you put it on your arm (its like a plaster), you wear it for a week then change it. then every 3 or four weeks, you come off it to have a period. i was on it for about 3 months, then i was pregnant again, aaaaahhhhh. so it wasnt very reliable. or me and hubby are too fertile, haha. so the bottom line is you can get pregnant on it!!!!!




Hello, I finished taking my depo, I was suppost to have another injection on 21st Dec 08. But didnt as I broke up with my boyfriend and was experiencing pains like cramping in my lower tummy (felt like a period, but no bleeding). I did eventaually bleed for like 2 days, but still had the cramping. Its now March, no period, still cramping, weight gain, my boobies are so tender, my boobs feel very big and pert. But preggers tests are negative. I know it takes a while for your periods to come back, but i've come off the deop in the past and my periods have come back right away. I've been to the docs, done tests to STD's and infection but again negative. Anyone, any ideas??!!



Look this is so all possible. In fact its pretty common for your body to place itself back on track completley by the third month. I think you are, especially if the doctor says your very fertile. If you need any more advice,( cause i know alot about stuff like this) just let me know here. Sounds to me like you are. And since you wanted to be, I can really say CONGRATS! Good luck, and let me know. Bye.

Puppy pout


Please help


hi me and my husband are trying to have a baby. but i been on the depo shot for about 2 and a half years and i stopped taking it. my last shot was in july of 2009 and i was supposed to get my next one in october of 2009 but didnt get it. i got my period in january of this year and been getting them ever since but there irregular. i dont no wat to do cuz we want a baby so bad. what can i do to make them regular again? and how do i no if the shot is out of my system completely? please help me someone.


Not too sure!

I haven't heard of that happening to anyone i know- but i'm sure it's very possible. Just hold tight and wait for the results tomorrow.. and i hope it's what you expect it to be!! Let us know how it goes!




i was on depro made me bleed all time so after third shot i stopped it. been off it for nearly 2 year now. periods are still irregular at times up to 3 months late sometimes. been trying for 14 month now with no luck. sometimes the symptoms of preg are very similar to coming off pill. but you never know fingers crossed. i ovulated last week so really its our first shot at trying. just hope i dont get period next tuesday. let us know how you get on x




I came of the depro injection in august 2004 and have now been trying to get pregnant for just under 4 years. I was on Depro for about 5 years. The doctors can't explain why i haven't fallen pregnant yet. My sister got pregnant straight after stopping the injections but some like me it takes years and years

Keep trying though




Hi, my boyfriend wants me to have his baby. I have 3 kids already, by my ex-husband, and they are aged 18, 15 and 9 years, all boys. My boyfriend doesn't have any children of his own. I would LOVE to give him a child, but I have concerns. I am currently on Depo-provera, and am in the middle of my 3rd injection. He doesn't want me to have the next injection, due in April 09. I am worried about 1) my age - I am 42 now, could well be 43 or more by the time I fall pregnant 2) how long it will take for me to conceive after stopping Depo. I fell for my 3 sons very easily, all of them within 2 months of starting to try. But I am now a lot older and have been on Depo, I am concerned it will take ages to get pregnant and my partner and I will both be ancient by the time the baby comes! Good luck to all of you who are trying after Depo!

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