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The best lubricant for anal sex


Can anyone advise me of the best lubricant for anal sex please ? Should it be oil or water based ? What about KY ? I understand that vaseline is not a good idea, with or without condoms, but I could be wrong. Any advice/recommendations welcome. Thanks


Best lube for

Recently I was looking for lube in general and I found a great article on lube for anal at
They talk pretty much about all kind of lube

Hope it help



I have always used KY, just lots of it...and it will work great.



I don't like any of the "lubes" but spit works really well for me and the guys tell me they also like the feel better using spit.



Lubricant which makes anal sex much easier, safer and provide less painful anal experience.
It makes anal sex more enjoyable so many couple eager to try this as you. Here I share some best Lubricants which you can try for better experience.

Durex Play Heat Lubricant
Durex Play Tingle Lubricant
Durex Play Feel Lubricant
Durex Play Very Cherry

Here above is different flavoured and categorized lubes, to buy or for more detail you can visit here :


Best sex lubricant for anal sex

There are various products on the market, though one of the best is Pjur - Back Door Lube. The long-lasting lubricating properties of the silicone formula and the addition of natural jojoba extracts help relax the anal sphincter while making the skin noticeably soft and supple. Also safe with condoms.


Best lube for anal sex

I have been looking for a good lube my self for a very long time. To answer the First part of your question. definitely do not use oil based lubes. They are not condom safe, create a lot of heat, and are an absolute nightmare to clean up and get out of sheets.
From my own experiences I find that silicone lubes really work the best. They are easy to apply, long lasting and very slippery which is what you want for anal sex. I actually use a combination of pjur backdoor which includes a a mild numbing agent, but it is not overly strong, and and maximus.
Silicone is definitely the best way to fo.
There is a really great article here that gives more information about the major differences between lube types, and some great ones for anal sex


Anal lube

a pharmaceutical over-the-counter ointment called SAVLON. I wouldn't use it with a condom, but bareback it's good.


Spermicide does not protect by "killing hiv"


HIV is a virus and so cannot be killed. A very dangerous myth that a number of "official" sources. As for the rest of your comment its true the more lube the better. No tearing is a good thing


Ky and anal sex

I use KY with my partner when having anal sex and condoms also help don't use vaseline when using condoms, hope that it's helpful.


Anal lubricants lowdown!

KY is a bit old fashioned, but it is a sterile lubricant, which means it wont harbour bacteria so if you are prone to infections, this may be a good choice. I use KY with a lubricant applicator, the lube applicator is like a syringe and it shoots it up to where it needs to be. I use a whirling spray douche to cleanse before hand, and use water only to clean myself.
I also use apronal anal spray, as it relaxes me, (b/f whilst very gentle is a big boy).
Vaseline? Yuk, don't use it, vaginally or anally, it is a petroleum based jelly and it will degrade condoms, and some silicone sex toys. Not good for your body and I think it has all those nasty parabens - preseravtive thingies that have been linked to cancer.
Hope this helps!


Try durex lubricants

There r various lubricants from Durex which can help u. Use condom and don't go straight from anus to vagaina. because it may cause infections


Am i the only one?

This is probably wrong.. but (with a condom) im able to have anal sex... usually its after im unctrolably wet from my pussy and the juice kinda can be used :P lol


The best lubricant for anal sex

the best lubricant for anal and any other method of sex is without doubt Astroglide unlike KY it does not dry out and become sticky and gritty.It has great lubrication prpoperties which gives soothing long lasting lubrication.I used many other waterbased lubes
but Astroglide is on its own as the best.I bought it online at you can try samples by emailing't forget you must use a condom for anal sex ,using Astroglide will still give you great sensitivity and pleasure.Good luck


Anal lubs

There is a good product byDurex called 'Play 2 in 1 Massage'.Unlike oil based products it does not make a condom slide off! It also tastes fruity & is great for all masage in any other areas. To get the full erotic experience make sure there is plenty of clit stimulation though - or YOU may get nothing out of it.
Good luck friend!



My boyfriend and I use KY with a condom everytime we decide to have anal sex. It has never been painful for me, not even the first time. Just make sure you use plenty of KY and take your time... It took ages to put all his penis in, but it was worth the wait... Enjoy!

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