Need help finding fat burning pills that actually work


Hi I'm looking for help as too what fat burning pills actually work! I'm 24 and have a 14 month old baby, i put on a lot of weight as he was a big baby. I've tried no end of diets and work out dvds which isn't easy with a little one about. I desperately want to lose the weight as i would like to have another baby in the next couple of years and i want to reduce the risk of complications i had with my 1st. If any one could help i would really appreciate it


How to lose weight fast

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Fat burners

hi hun cla is quite good me and my partner use it in conjunction with the gym burns bodys fat and helps stop it. I also may be able to help you a different want if you would like to email me on brydie_s@yahoo.co.uk


Lose unwanted fat

Hi Kelly,

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Body slim herbal

Try body slim herbal. Google to see the amazing effects it's had on people.

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Sibutramine & other diet pills



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Lose weight.

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Zacti +uk

Hi, had similar problem after having 2 kids. Tried number of things. Those work quite well for me so give it a try.


Phen375 the best fat burner pills


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Dual action fat burner

Hi kellymarie883, there are lots of fat burning pills out in the market and the results actually vary between each individual. Your body reacts to differently and you may or may not see the same results as someone else.

Also, keep in mind that any fat burning pills will not work at all if there's no proper diet and exercise in your lifestyle. It just defeats the purpose to just take supplements while living unhealthy.

I've been taking Garcinia Cambogia for 4 months now and I'm happy with the results I'm getting. I'm seeing steady weight loss every month, my energy levels are higher, and I'm able to control my appetite. The last thing is most important to me and the main reason why I take GC. I have problems with post workout cravings and needed a way to control my appetite to prevent eating more.

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Good luck to you.


Fat burnng pills

hello hope you dont mind the message, i ru a slimming group called naural beauty ltd, we are a respected legit company, we provide support info meal ideas diet plans plus supplements that actually work, there 100% natural no nasty side effects and proven to work, you can find us on facebook, natural beauty slimming edinburgh and lothians should yo be intersted xxxx



I don't suggest using weight loss pills, more often than not you will put on the weight you lost plus more, so the side effects aren't worth it. I've lost 11 kilos just by eating healthier and at the right times thanks to my forum ditch the diet. I've tried pills/diets and nothing seemed to work, so eating healthy is really the only good way to keep it off. If anyone needs help, I strongly suggest checking it out =)


Natural fat burner

steer clear of the fat burners with epederine and ones that stimulate your system because i took these and never got a decent sleep for a full week. green tea or green tea exract is a known great fat burner. inno-veat have a green tea exract that i use and it is not only a fat burner but also helps you out with cravings (stops them) and helps reduce appetite. i feel great on these and can personaly vouche they do help weight loss.


Is it ok to have fat burning supplements

Hi all,
I am 25 years old and have been diagnosed with some health problems due to which i have been under medication for quite some time. Few months back i have been told to add another medicine into my routine which is 'OMNACORTIL', due to which i have gained a lot of weight n now it has become difficult for me to lose all this weight that i have gained in last 3-4 months. I have not stopped taking this medicine. However, the dosage have been continuously reducing.
For me to reduce this weight some friends have suggested me to go for Fat burning supplements which includes this 'Lipo 6'. Please suggest if this or any other such fat burning supplements are safe and effective to consume in my case.
Also, i am mentioning the other medicine names as well that i am having right now along with Omnacortil.

Medicines i am having at present :

1. OMNACORTIL : 8 mg (keeps reducing with 1 mg in every 15 days)

2. Shelcal : 500 mg

3. Folvite : 5 mg

4. Envas : 10 mg

5. HCQS(hydroxychloroquine sulfate) : 200 mg

6. Cellcept : 2000 mg (4 tablets each of 500 mg per day)

7. Pan D : to avoid acidity



Weight loss fast

I suggest don't use weight loss pills, try natural ways to lose weight like home made recipes.



Hey nice to see you concerned about burning fat as im also progressing very well but according to my research the effect of pills or other supllements work no well, the best way is to go for strict veggie diets with antioxidants, yogic workout sessions will be most beneficial as you are expecting one more to join your family. Green tea Spinach and green vegetables Whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, whole grain cereal)Beans and legumes, help burn fat, regulate digestion Whey Enova oil (soy and canola oil) are all fat burning foods that will let you loose your fat. Skim milk low fat cottage cheese, 5-7 minutes of morning meditation will help increasing energy levels. All the best.


Fat burning pill!

Hiya!! Forever Lean ... is a natural supplement derived from Prickly Pear cactus plant and works a treat with the added benefit of being totally natural with no chemicals. You can buy online at www. shopwithfelicity.co.uk .... while on the web page check out rhe Nutrilean diet plan starting with the Clean 9... lots of info on the site. I offer a complete personal 121 support system to help you get fit, healthy and full of energy! Call me for info - 07590 307712



Ive tried loads in the past & very few actually do what they. Some also carry huge risks with them so if you choose to use them i would advise to only use the ones with natural ingredients. Hoodia supplements are supposed to be natural appetite suppressants & have some great reviews, but they didnt work for me. Acai berry supplements too have great reviews. Im not a mum but i do know what its like to be busy & not have time to prepare decent healthy meals, for that reason ive chosen to do the cambridge diet, im on day 12 & have lost about 10lbs. Its safe & as long as you follow the steps you can maintain the loss. Regardless of wether you choose pills, a diet or just eating healthy, just make sure you research it first & good luck



I don't think diet pills or fat burners are actually work.
I don't believe that if you would be on a healthy diet with decreased calorie intake you couldn't lose some pounds...
Skip all the junk food to vegetables and fruits and eat more protein, drink more water.
Good luck!


Fat burning pills that work

I have used the natural fat burning pills called Garcinia (you can get them online from bestaloestore, in the weight management section) with good results. You just take one about 30 minutes before each meal. I found my energy levels improved, I had steady weight loss and as it's is all natural, no side effects.
Part of the same range also has a natural weight loss program that takes 9 days and people lose around 9-11 Ibs in that time (ninedayslim.com)
All the products have a money back guarantee which I like as it means you aren't risking wasting your money.
I have found I get the best results when I also do interval training. It really burns the fat and keeps me in good shape. I only came across it recently and now I love it!
I do it at home and in the gym. There are free videos about it on the web.
Hope that helps you,
Best of luck!


Need help finding fat burning pills that actually work

Hi, I have tried a few fat burners pills and found the ones that I am using now really good. I have been using them for 2 weeks and have lost weight already.They give you lots of energy so I've had no problems with the housework, they do make you thirsty so have been drinking plenty of water. They are called Trim-Bod and you can buy them on e-bay x.

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