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Does anyone know how i can lose weight quickly


hi ... im going 2 keep my name annonymous just incase any of my family or freinds should come accross this web site.
anyway im 16 years old and ive always been very self concious about how i look n what other people think,

im 5 ft 9 inches and i weigh 10 stone idealy i would like to lose a couple of stone and reduce my waist size from a 26.5 to a 24, the size of my thighs and of my butt.

once i have lost weight and i am at y desired weight i plan to tone up, so if anybody knows how i could 1st lose the weight and second whats an easy way to tone up i would really love to hear from you thanks alot.

mysterious angel xx


How to lose weight fast

If you are you're a woman and you realy want to lose weight quickly this will help for sure, guaranteed!



Hi girls,

I've lost 10kg in just 2 months with Phentermine bought on



no problem there....
you can do it easily but with some help and tips,,,
my advice
go to



DONT click on that link, it looks dodgy to me


Be happy and healthy!

I was going to tell you all about how I lost 10 stone in a year and a half a few years ago but I read your méssage, and saw that you want to be 8 stone at 5'9 I decided not to. Your BMI would be too low. Be happy with your natural health and dont buy into the retarded 'we all have to be size zero' BS!

Much love

Leanne x


Safe site


I also used reductil bought on this site and lost a lot of weight... It's real reductil, very effective and i can also recommend!


Losing weight

I have used pure chimp super tea to lose my weight. Highly recommended to use.


I can help!

I would love to help you with your weight loss goals! Please email me your phone number or if you prefer to communicate via email and I would love to chat more! I am a Health Coach, Nutrition Club Owner and Personal Trainer passionate about helping others create a healthier lifestyle! coachbrittany at


Tested and proven way of losing weight


Losing weight is not easy and it really involves determination and discipline. There are diet pills to lose weight but I do not suggest them. The best way is to lose weight naturally and gradually. Daily exercise and fruits-vegetables diet are great tools to losing weight. It is tested and proven.


Be careful...

BE CAREFUL of what you take, research all products. you are only 16 and you don't want your body filled with chemicals or additives. You will get alot of responses of people trying to sell you stuff. DO NOT JUMP AT ONE thinking it is the best UNLESS you research it first. Email me and I can help you stay away from some that can be harmful to you and what can work.


Diet + exercise

Hi MysteriousAngel 16, the most effective way for you to get started is to make some changes in your diet and exercise. All you really need to do is adjust your current lifestyle and let your body do the work.

For diet, eat clean and healthy. You want lean protein, fiber rich foods, fruits, and vegetables. No junk and processed food at all except on one cheat day per week. If you are not sure what's healthy or not, just do a quick google search.

For exercise, stay active and do aerobic exercises. I find fitness dvds perferct to start off and would suggest you to look into Jillian Michaels. The sessions are fun and motivating, and require little equipment. You should feel results within a month. If not, just add more intensity to your movements.

Hope this helps.


Weight loose solution

I can help 1st u tell where do u leave right now I have product which is definitely lose ur weight and it's not a medicine it will also help to remove ur diseases and no more diet no more exercise it's WHO certified and u can call me for more detail 8898358722


I think i have the detox program for you


It's called Clean 9, by Forever Living. Heard of it?

Perfect for Christmas or any other time of the year, losing unwanted weight and allowing yourself to become healthier in just 9 days!

I have personally used this program and went from a size 14 to a small size 12, (and that was without completing the program because I met my desired weight within the first 7 days)

The first step to a clean body is to cleanse and support your digestive system. Clean 9 provides you with the tools to cleanse your body and put you on the path for a healthier you. In the Clean 9 pack, you will receive:

3 bottles of Aloe Vera Gel
1 can of Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein - Vanilla or Chocolate
1 bottle of Forever Garcinia Plus
1 bottle of Forever Bee Pollen
Training Guide

It's not as difficult as it sounds lol. Similar to the 5:2 diet, but a LOT easier as, on the first two days you will be allowed supplements and shakes.

It does come at a fee, but I can personally vouch that it is worth it.

Contact me!!!


Burn more calories than you consume

This is the key concept behind weight loss. So the main three things you should focus on are diet, exercise, and water.

Yes, drink only water and green tea if you have.

For diet, it's very important you find a diet you are comfortable sticking to. Most people can't keep up or afford their diet or simply lose interest. Then they go back to their old diet and gain back the weight. I'd suggest looking into the Atkins or Paleo diet.

For exercise, try aerobic exercises. I'd suggest to go with a home dvd workout program like Jillian Michaels. The programs are easy to follow (I mean techniques and movements) and they work large muscle groups. These full body workouts will activate your fat burning system.

Try these 3 things and keep it simple. Make small changes in your lift to make it healthier and active. For example, eat nuts only for snacks, do some pushups during commerical breaks. All these things will add up.


Suggestion for quick weight loss

First of all some commitment must be done by you than it will be easier than you think.
Weight is a function of diet so eat less that part is not as easy as you think, so make it easy Use a diet supplement.
You should do all of your physical works daily, run at least half an hour and take light exercise to lose weight quickly...etc...


Not too quickly

Try not to lose weight too quickly by going on crash diets. Eat less carbohydrates and exercise more, join a gym if you can. It's be better to lose weight steadily rather than too quickly.


Plexus slim

Have you tried Plexus Slim??? The products are all nautural diabetica nd hypertension friendly!!!!



I am 5ft10 and weigh generally between 10-10stone4 and i am slim. You are the correct weight for your height and if you were to loose a couple of stone would then you would be underweight. x




Im 5'8 & weight 91/2 stone.. Your weight is normal.. Keep to healthy eating, stop the snacking inbetween meals & ull be fine


First of all...

Please don't listen to anyone who has replied suggesting surgery you're only 16!! I was 13 stone at age 15 and I know what its like to be unhappy.

Everyone may say that your weight sounds perfect - but its only perfect if you feel good about it, just don't go too far and attempt to look like the girls in magazines (i promise they don't really look like that). I think a couple of stone will be a bit extreme, aim for half a stone and a time and you never know after you've lost a stone you may not feel the need to lose anymore.

There are no quick and easy ways to lose weight - well there are I suppose but once you come off those type of diets the weight just piles back on (good example here is Atkins diet). The healthiest and most effective way to lose weight is to calorie count and exercise.

Allow yourself 1400-1500 calories per day. Also this way if you fancy something like a Mars Bar you can have it as long as you incorporate it into your calorie count! I've had some chips from the takeaway this evening because everything I ate during the day was very low calorie so I had plenty left to 'blow'! Avoid eating less than 1200 calories its really not good for you!

Start exercising from day one, don't try and lose weight THEN start the exercising as the exercising will help your weight loss. There are plenty of things you can do, you don't necessarily have to go to the gym. There is cycling, swimming, swimming, running, playing sport with friends. A good start is to try and incorporate more walking into your lifestyle...if you get the bus to college get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. Cardio (all of the above) is the most important of the exercises but you sit ups etc help tone start toning your muscles as well. You can try crunches, press ups, squats or if you're not sure what you're doing go to your local pound shop they usually have old fitness videos for a pound. Watch the whole video and look and see which part is full of sit ups etc (its usually about 20 mins long this section) and try doing that a couple of times a week.

Get weighed once every 2 weeks rather than once a week - it stops you becoming obsessed with weighing yourself - plus if you have a bad week you still have time to make it all better. In the first two weeks if you're calorie counting and exercising a healthy amount you will probably lose anything from 2lbs -8lbs - in the first two week is always your biggest weight loss. From there on you should lose around 1lb-3lbs per 2 weeks.

To try and give you a bit of an idea this is what I do in a week:

I have cereal for breakfast (usually weetabix), which usually consists of around 250 calories. (Don't think that you have to eat diet specific cereals like Special K, rice krispies, cornflakes etc are all perfectly fine).

Around 11am I eat some fruit - usually a banana and two small satsumas, but obviously you can choose fruit of your choice. This tends to add about 150 calories to my intake.

For lunch I choose a freshly made salad (places like cooplands make these for you), or soup (soup is very low calorie - so try a slice of wholewheat bread with it to fill you up more), or a jacket potato with low fat cheese, freshly made sandwich on brown bread (ask for no butter, but a squirt of salad cream won't hurt!). Or try a tub of pasta from places like Tesco/Asda (with the prepared sandwiches). My lunch tends to be around 400 calories.

Then for tea you have 800-900 calories left, so as long as its not a fry up thats been prepared for you, you can pretty much have what you like! Don't think you have to avoid all the yummy foods like chips (done in the oven they are perfectly fine to add to your tea) or pizza (average pizza slice consists of 200-250 calories so you could have two slices with some salad!). White meats like chicken are the best to go for and fish is really good for you as well. I often have a stir fry with rice for tea, or roasted vegetables with pasta, topped with a sauce like sweet chilli or salsa (both very low calorie). There are plenty of online calorie counters to help you out.

Its recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water a day, now I love water but I still find that a huge struggle!! So long as you keep hydrated you should be ok. If you don't like water on its own try adding Robinsons sugar free juice. The key with drinking water/sugar free juice is that often we eat because we think we're hungry when in actual fact we are thirsty!!

If I ever have calories remaining or fancy a treat I tend to opt for one of the following: crisps such as skips, wotsits, walkers baked, french fries all have under 100 calories in them and are yummy If I have the urge to eat chocolate don't have a lot of calories yet I make myself an options/highlights hot chocolate (only 30-40 calories per cup). If I do have the calories remaining and want chocolate I tend to opt for Milky Bar (130 cals for a large bar)as this is my favourite chocolate! But other options are malteasers (190 calories), Kit Kat senses (160 calories), or cadburys dairy milk (the thinner bars that state they have around 90 calories on the pack). If you like dark chocolate you can have a couple of squares of that as well as it is actually really good for you in moderation. Another thing I eat a lot of is muller light yoghurts, I don't eat them as yoghurts though.. I stick them in the freezer and use them as a healthy alternative to ice cream (around 110 cals)!!!

As for exercise I park 15 mins away from work so get a good 30 minute walk everyday. Then on my lunch hour I wander around the shops (avoid those with food in!) just to burn off a few more calories. I try to go for 45 min bike ride 2 or 3 times a week (usually dependant on the lovely English weather!) as i find it more enjoyable than the other sports. I also invested in a decent skipping rope (try ebay - look for ones used for karate or judo training, I paid £3) as its a fanastic way to get your heart racing. Just doing 100 skips a day (trust me it wears you out and you can't often do more!!) really gets your heart going and helps shed those pounds. The only other thing I do is sit ups/crunches morning and night. Lie on your back with your legs bent in the air and then do the sit up - this works the adominal muscles much better - try a few straight up then alternate so your left elbow touches your right knee, then your right elbow touches your left knee - this is a lot harder. Now I've been doing this for a while now so do 50 in a morning and 50 a night, but you should only start with 10 in a morning and 10 at night as you'll be using muscles you probably didn't know you had and if you push yourself too hard you'll just end up in a lot of pain in the morning, trust me I've been there. Work up to doing more when you feel comfortable with it.

I hope this helps you. I've since lost 3 and a half stone since I was 15 and I'm 18 now. The quick and easy methods aren't safe and don't work, you just have to be patient and stick at if. If you want any help with meals plans/exercise plans or you just want a chat feel free to message me. Otherwise good luck with the healthy diet and I hope you feel better about your body soon! Sophie xx

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