Does anyone know how i can lose weight quickly


hi ... im going 2 keep my name annonymous just incase any of my family or freinds should come accross this web site.
anyway im 16 years old and ive always been very self concious about how i look n what other people think,

im 5 ft 9 inches and i weigh 10 stone idealy i would like to lose a couple of stone and reduce my waist size from a 26.5 to a 24, the size of my thighs and of my butt.

once i have lost weight and i am at y desired weight i plan to tone up, so if anybody knows how i could 1st lose the weight and second whats an easy way to tone up i would really love to hear from you thanks alot.

mysterious angel xx


The afterburn effect

Hi m8! to lose fat easy you should use the afterburn effect. I do it two times a day and its around 3-4 mins each thats it. I do eat crap food time to time but it still burns the fat of. im trying to get the last from my stomach atm. but if you got a lot of fat then it will go quick! This article got some good information about the afterburn effect http://jerryandlou.com/weight/keep-burning-calories/index.html


I can help

hello i may be able to help you can you email me on brydie_s@yahoo.co.uk


Tip to lose weight

I think regular exercise and healthy eating will help you lose weight easily, but according to your physique as you described it i think you look perfect good height and i think you are slim as well but still if you want have controlled diet.


Permanently & rapidly lose unwanted fat

Hi MysteriousAngel16,

I recently found this method where you can lose fat in an easy and natural way without taking pills.

It will show you how it can rapidly increase your metabolism, burn more calories, and lose a pound or more per day on demand.

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There are effective methods for losing weight quickly. Typically, a dieter will consume fewer calories each day, in an effort to lose weight. However, this brings with it many of the effects that can cause long-lasting problems.

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Try this


Obesity was one part of my life to which I had become accustomed to, obesity cost me my self-esteem, social and personal life. It was Venus factor that made me realized that the obesity is more of an outcome of the by-product of the latent dormancy of the biological system of our body than the food we eat or exercise we do. Dont get me wrong. I am not against eating healthy food and regular exercise. However, this system provides a much-needed nutrient in our life that is the key element of the equation of a balanced body. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to reduce body fat in a natural manner.



Losing weight

Losing weight is all about making the correct tweaks to your lifestyle. Changing a couple of habits will make a difference in your weight loss journey. You must stay away from diets and fad weight loss tips. A good combination of a balanced eating program and exercise will help you to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way. Use the 80/20 model. The correct diet is 80% of losing weight. Fitness accounts for 20%.

Combining exercise and diet will be the most effective way to cut off the extra weight. In time you will also learn what works for your body. The basics is that you need to consume less calories in a day than what your body needs to lose the weight.

Get a good program which will help you change your lifestyle in a healthy way. http://www.richlifeforme.com is a newsletter with a Free Report and some amazing programs and newsletters that contain many weight loss strategies.

When you change your habits and lose the weight in a safe way the weight will stay off more permanently. Diets tend to help you drop weight unnaturally which causes stress on your body. The chances are that you will pick up the weight again.

It took time to pick up the weight. Losing it will also take time, but it can be much faster with the right program. Rather invest time in finding something that works and sticking with it. Looking for the fastest way to lose weight will probably not help you very much in the long run.




I guess it all comes down to how much time you have? I my self, am always busy so my wife had me try some patches I don't know what they are called but who cares they work. I tried running put never had time I tried those herbdrinks they suck. But boy oh boy did these patches work for me. I can give you the web page where she got the from. Hold on let me ask her.


Losing weight

Losing weight entails discipline, focus and determination. I do believe personally that there is no healthy easy and quickly ways of losing weight. Daily exercise, avoiding fatty foods and high calorie foods are keys to losing weight.


Lose weight fast

Now I know how it really works weight loss, I can lose quite quickly because I understood that I do and I should avoid to burn body fat. But at the beginning it was not so easy because it took me months to lose a little over a pound, it was very difficult because I had no idea how it really worked fast weight loss.

Now I will show you some quick ways to lose weight that have worked for me and many people:

You have to Burn the Fat

You have to burn fat, nothing else works. Mean by this that you should make your body consume quickly stored calories, the faster they burn, the faster you lose weight. It really is that simple.
If you want....look at the full article here
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Lose weight

So it was like I could lose weight fast without starving and healthy. I recommend it.


I remember very well..

Yes it's true, maybe to lose weight fast could be possible in some cases, but with quick tricks you suffer more and it would be better if you devote one more week to lose weight, otherwise you will get hungry.

You know, before I worried about my fatness, I've always been overweight. Since childhood, I was 30 kg overweight.

I thought to be destined to live like this for the rest of my life, until I found this system that has helped me a lot,

I have put into practice the indications of the book and today I can say happily I can wear again all the clothes I had stored in my closet, and it is practically still new.

Now I understand that certain meals create the need to eat more, because they decrease the metabolism and make impossible to lose weight, no matter what you eat or if you exercise.
Well, once the toxins are removed the weight loss is automatic. I no longer want any junk food, and I am not hungry as before.

I really recommend that you get this guide, it makes miracles against losing fat. After a lot of research I think this is currently the best guide to finish completely with lose weight, and I assure you that with it you are going to feel much better. Just read all the comments. I guarantee you are not going to regret it.


You can do it

The first thing is to control your mind because the mind remembers that regulates the body, your body just needs some changes but that's your body and you must love him, never to feel bad,we have created a website to put all the best related to weight loss videos, visit it which surely will help you to achieve your goals, http://topvideos.club/


My reply


shut up you fuc*ing idiot!


10 simple weight loss tips

10 simple weight loss tips


I thinks you have a Moderate body shape, too much self concious is not good at time,may try the yoga exercise that would really sweat you out in few seconds, i've it on youtube and it does work, take it easy cause your not that OW Lady.


Airlite by reeveda

Most of the weight loss supplements you have , tend to have a negative effect on your body. But Reeveda has brought to you one such supplement, which keeps your health under check and also ensuring at the same time that you are provided with essential nutrients. It has been proven to have benefits.
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Try this

try this http://adf.ly/ppvaM work for me


Isagenix cleanse!!

Hi!! I have recently discovered something AMAZING. It's a cleanse called isagenix. I am just finishing up my 30 day mark and I have already lost 20 pounds! I have noticed my energy level increase dramatically and lost lots of inches around my arms, chest, hips, stomach and legs! It is quite amazing and I feel great!! I am also the type of person to EAT a lot and snack a lot, so I thought doing the 30 day cleanse would be a struggle, but it really isn't! My cravings are gone, my stomach has shrunk, and I no longer feel the need to snack or eat anything unnecessary. The shakes and snacks that are included are delicious as well! I just felt the need to share this wonderful cleanse with everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to write back here!!


Reduce 15mg

these are exactly the same as reductil but a whole lot cheaper and a lot easier to come by

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