Dropped 3 dress sizes in 6 weeks


Hi all just wanted to give hope to all those dieters out there. I've managed to go from a size 18 to a size 12 in 6 weeks and the weight is still coming off.

My BMI was 29.7 and is now 25.4 so I'm almost in the healthy sector of the BMI. I'm 5ft 4in and i'm 31 years old so guys don't give up it dieting does work!

Good luck all x x x


Need to drop 4 dress sizes

Wow, how did you manage to lose so much in just a short period of time



hey, please can you tell me how you did this? I'm a 16 and I'd like to be a 12 in 6 weeks before I go to uni.



Well done

Well done. Congratulations !!!


What's your secret?

Just read your post, I'm amazed and after having my 2nd child am finding it uber difficult to shift the excess weight... How did you do it? Any advice or support would be much appreciated x


Dropped 3 dress sizes in 6 weeks

Please!! tell me how!



yeah i believe in dieting too . when ever I have to dress something really good I always go for dieting 3 to 4 weeks before.


Amazing! any more helpful advice?

Would you have anymore advice? Did you continue to lose weight and keep it off?
Anything you overcame?
Thanks x



what diet did you use? and exercise plan? x



I'm doing my diet now I'm a size 16 and I'm trying to get down to a 12 in six months.

I cut down my calorie intake to 600-700 a day
and I exercise everyday, and trying to do atleast 35-40 mins of cardio aday but also do strength exercise like Sit ups and pull ins and squats everyday.

Do you think I'll get to my target? did you do any exercise?

I'm on my 8th day and I feel lighter and less hungry, but I really want my belly to go down and my back fat that what irrates and upsets me the most about my body.

How did you measue your weight lose?

I hope I can lose the weight like you because I just want to be happier and feel better

Thank you, Kind Regards and once again amazing xx



amazing!! wot did you do to lose so much ? im 12 stone and im a zize 14_16 and i want to lose 3 dress sizes can you help me please to reach my goal thank you!



I will certainly try it!



Well done


Omg whats teh secret

hello sandra omg that is AMAZINGGGGG well done you , do you mind me asking how u did it ? i have exactly six weeks befre i have my engagement to my prince charming and i want to look stunning, atm i am a 16 top and 18 trousers in most stores and id love to be a twelve top and a twelve/14 bottom as i have seen the most beautiful dress i would love to wear . and so if i could go dwn three dress sizes everthing would be perfect


Metabolism boosters

Hi Sandra,1st of well done for losing weight,you've done very well.You mentioned something about metabolism boosters.Which ones do you recommend and where can you get them from??I think ive read somewhere green tea boosts metabolism, is that right??Thanks


Boots own herbal


I've got boots own herbal ones. You take them half an hour before food and one at bedtime.

I haven't tried green tea, I don't think I fancy it, not tasted it so a bit scared it'll be disgusting.

I'm stil loosing weight by calorie counting, I'm now a size 10 got half a stone to go to target.

Good Luck





Hi Sandra, thanx for replying,I'll definately try them out.Good luck with the half stone remaining.


Well done.

Well done. Good for you. I hope you are enjoying your new self.
I was wondering what diet you're on? I am really interested in finding out about your method.


How i did it


I've not done any specific diet, I've been counting calories and using tips from various different diets.

I've gone from 2 sugars in tea to none, but this was gradual over the 6 weeks. Now I can't bear the taste of sugar in tea.

I have very little carbs, (i used to eat lots of pasta but don't eat that much now)

And Dairy (I only have is in tea or in the form of Cream Cheese)

A typical days food for me is as follows.

Breakfast I only have tea (i know they all say you must eat breakfast but if your like me, you'll eat breakfast and it'll make you hungrier through the day)

Lunch I'll have Ryvita x 2 with Extra Light Philidelphia with various toppings, tuna, Salsa or tomatoe etc nothing above 70 calories on the top.

Dinner A really good tip is soup. It fills you up and keeps you full for longer (but no soup over 170 cals)or I may have Baked cod and Salad or a vegetable stir fry or a medium jacket potatoe with Philidelphia

Drinks, I confess I do drink caffine free diet coke (1 cal per can) but I do like it and you should still have things that you like)

If you feel the need for snacks, Go ahead biscuits are very nice 67 cals per bisc, Fitness Chocolate and Raspberry are yummy ar 89 cals per bar also Weight watchers chees puffs are bril. The bag is huge and they are only 67 clas a bag.

Keep a food diary and write everything down that goes in your mouth and count the calories in them. A good site for helping you to find out how many calories are in what you eat is www.calorieking.com (it is an american site but I can get most things on there)

i'm averaging 600 Cals a day and not feeling hungry or tired (I willbe honest the 1st 2 days I did feel hungry but I reduced the calories gradually. started at eating under 1000 then reduced it gradually. I do still have blow outs. I cooked a 3 course meal for my family this weekend, and ate every course including a home made tiramisu desert. yes I put on a pound but that was saturday and I lost the pound again already.

I weigh myself every morning but the key is don't worry if one day you go up a little because you'll find that in a few days you'll of lost that and prob a lil more. I'm still dieting I'm not someone with a problem, I know that I just need to loose 1 more stone to be in my healthy BMI range.

If you want any more help or support then just let me know. it's done wonders for my confidence and If I can help anyone else I will

Good Luck

Sandra x x


Need some advice


well done on your weight lose, ive been on the cambridge diet since jan i lost 2 stone and stopped the diet a month ago,ive stayed the same weight for a month know so still lost the 2 stone but i got 2 stone more to lose, i start off ok then i have a binge so im not getting anywer, breakfast i have weetabix dinner fruit yougurt,tea fish veg any meat and veg the occasional kebab only chicken wrap,but then i binge is it because im not putting enougth cals in any advice on what im doing wrong.


Keep at it


1st of all congratulations on loosing the 2 stone you should be very proud. And it's a bonus that you haven't put the weigtht back on. I've got another stone to go myself.

Try counting your calories, You'll be supprised exactly how many your eating when you
start to work everything out. I write everything in a diary so I know that if I want something to eat and my cals are already high for that day, I'll just have a drink instead. A good tip that fills me up for a meal and I don't feel the need to eat is soup. You if you binge because your hungry you need to eat smaller portions and more often.

i'm still loosing weight and not felt hungry at all.

I don't eat many carbs so I've given up on pasta, Bread etc, I still eat potatoes but only once or twice a week. And I have very little dairy. All the Milk that i have is in my tea, which I used to have 2 sugars in but now I have none.

Try having a drink when you feel the need to binge, I drink caffine free diet coke. It's 1 cal per glass and gives you that sweet kick I sometimes feel I need. I also don't let myself eat after 8pm at night cos anything after that time stores as fat. Have you tried matabolism boosters? I've bought some herbal ones but not needed to use them yet but I've hear that they help burn the calories.

Let me know if you have any more questions or need anything else and I will try to help

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