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Recommend a good psychic in glasgow



Can anyone recomment a good psychic in the Glasgow area?



Online psychics

I like using Online Psychics, I can talk to them face to face, and I can quickly judge if they are relevant or not. I have used many services, however I finally found a site that actually hires Psychics from all over the web after they test and try them. That being said I use http://freetarotpsychicreadings.com as my source for a high quality and Accurate reading. Good Luck on your quest


I have spoke to untold


The time frames seem to be a problem


Psychic called sharon

Hi I went to a psychic years ago called SHARON she was amazing very very very accurate. She even knew a secret joke only my father and me knew, but I don't know how to get in contact with her if i did i'd give you that info because she was amazingly accurate! She was in the CASTLEBRAE area and her flat was across from a Kingdom Hall. If anyone recognises her from this description and knows how to contact her I'd be really grateful if you could share the information


I recommend www.ladyyoly.com

Simply read her testimonials online. You can also friend her on Facebook "Yoly Answers".


Sai upasak guruji +91 8099452811 - very good psychic / vedic astrologer

I consulted Guruji, and I will say without a doubt 100% of what he said to me is true
You can try for yourself, to know the truth in my words.

For more information, see this link or copy paste in browser



i have found here on this site a very good psychic. People recommend venus psychic all over the net . some hate her but her predictions are accurate at least. I didn't like her either in the first place but months after what she said to me was right. .. In fact it is another kind of reading. No mater if i like or not, i know now she was right. She is very talented and gifted . last year i had her 3 times


Real psychic readings

Hi Dianep,

In case you are interested I am promoting a special psychic reading for the month of February. It's a great deal,- you can;t be the low price. Read more about it,- Here is the link


Brightest Blessings,
Psychic LadyYoly! www.ladyyoly.com

Not sure?? Wondering who is Psychic Lady Yoly?

Feel Free to Google "Psychic LadyYoly"


Online numerology readings

You can get a free numerology reading online here: www.universalknowledge.org


On a mission

Hi there
Does anyone know of a guy from the west of the city .. His name is something like romen .. He looks like Elvis also lol. I had a reading from him about 5 years ago and he was accurate with everything he told me .. Knew names , future plans , dreams and also things from the past. I lost his number and haven't been able to get it again, I've been to a number of readings since him .. At parties and also in the savoy centre which have all been nonsense . I want a meduim who doesn't ask any questions .. Preferably doesn't want you to talk lol. That's when you know the stuff they are saying is genuine.
Hope for a reply xx




If it's the same guy I'm thinking of his name is Robert cadona I've met him a couple of times I've not seen him for years but he used the name ramone and he was a gypsie his words not mine ! Lolita you find him please let me know I've never met anyone who can read like Robert !
He's one of a kind good luck xxx



yes i am agree with you 100%




Hello there,
Can you tell me the contact details for the reader called venus please as I am tired of wasting money -Laura


Alternative option

Have you tried <a ="http://tammymoir.com">online psychic readings</a>? It's been a year since i engaged with online psychic reading and until now i am satisfied with all her readings for me.


Fortune teller glasgow

Does any1 know a fortune teller named Leo who used to do readings in Best Bar One in broom hill Glasgow which isn't there anymore I was really impressed with him but have lost his number x


There's only one!

As far as I am aware there is only one worth visiting and that's international medium William O'Connor - his website is www.william-oconnor.co.uk. I've been a few times and he's just fabulous! Hope this is of help.


selene spiritualist medium

Hey i recommend Selene, she was very accurate and a lovely woman, genuine south lanarkshire, you can find her on facebook x




Hi thanks for your reply, i am finding it hard to find her on facebook, i have tried google but come up with a selene in rutherglen ... is that her? or how can i find her on facebook(what is she under)?
Thanks again


Would highly recommend clayrvoyant chris!

I went for a reading in the savoy centre in Glasgow as recommended by a few friends.
Went to Clayrvoyant Chris upstairs and he got a few things spot on....spoke a lot about my future and my past which is exactly what I wanted!
He lets you ask unlimited questions which is good as the last reading I got done only I could only ask one question at the end of the session.
I would urge you to go see Chris, also his prices are great!
I am definetly going back again!!!




Hi is Chris still at the Savoy centre? or who would you recommend as a really good psychic?


Savoy center


hi long did you wait to see him was it a while

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