Recommend a good psychic in glasgow



Can anyone recomment a good psychic in the Glasgow area?




Hi honey, this site: http://www.highesthelp.com the best psychic services on these days. I have tried them after my sister in law recommended to me and I am very happy that she did, because there so many bad psychics these days that is difficult to find one. They have helped me improve my life big time, the psychic there Master Ignacio is genuine and incredibly talented.


Hi - can anyone recommend a good psychic in london

I am really looking for a good psychic in LONDON area. I have being to one before who was so accurate but lost her contact mind you that was years ago and she was old

Would love if someone could recommend me to one.


Glasgow psychics


I have been to see a number of psychics/mediums in Glasgow.
I have seen Kizzie 4-5 occasions. The first reading I had with Kizzie was maybe 11 years ago. That reading was 100% accurate but the following readings have not been as good. I probably wound not go back too see her again. I have also had a reading with Margaret Soulis which was £90 I think. She was very poor. I seen her about 2 years ago and nothing has came true from the reading she gave me. I would not recommend her at all. Total waste of money.
I have also seen Chris Lee in Partick 2 1/2 years ago. He advised me that I was going on holiday. Which I was and said I would get engaged while on holiday which I never. Therefore I would not return to see him again.
I recently went to the psychic centre in Cessnock. I had my tarot cards done by Anne. It was £20 and your lucky if I was in for 15 min. Very general reading and felt nothi g was specific to me. Although while there I was talking to someone who had just had a reading with David and said he was fantastic.
Almost forgot about a lady I seen in Baileston. She is a medium and she is fantastic. I can't remember her name but I have her number if interested. She is £35-£40 a reading and need to book a few months in advance.


Psychic bailiston


Please could I have her phone number as I am desperate to see a good psychic.
Thanks Jan x




Hi could u give me the women's number for the pyscic in balieston please my email is natalied-x@hotmail.co.uk




hi do u have name and phone no for this lady if not could let me know who else is good please thank u


Angel anne


I've not personally seen her, but I've heard she is good. Her number is 07506 723569 and she lives in Baillieston. Let me know how you get on!


Angel anne


Was the girl you saw in Baillieston called Angel Anne Smith? I have been considering asking her to come to my house for a party if I can't get Margaret from the psychic centre.would you recommend?


Margaret - psychic centre cessnock


I have seen Margaret about 4 times in the last 15 years. She is absolutely brilliant and so lovely! I had 2 private readings with her at house parties and I the last 2 times I saw her at the psychic centre in cessnock.

She is very accurate and managed to tell me my granda was my guardian Angel which really comforted me.

I don't know her surname and I've phoned the psychic centre to find out but they won't tell me. I would really love to have a house party with Margaret offering tarot and medium readings but can't seem to get a contact number for her.

Does anyone know who she is or how I can contact her? I'm desperate to have her as because I have so much faith in her I'm reluctant to have someone I don't know.




hi is this the lady in balliston and do u have her phone no please


I have spoke to untold


The time frames seem to be a problem


Psychic called sharon

Hi I went to a psychic years ago called SHARON she was amazing very very very accurate. She even knew a secret joke only my father and me knew, but I don't know how to get in contact with her if i did i'd give you that info because she was amazingly accurate! She was in the CASTLEBRAE area and her flat was across from a Kingdom Hall. If anyone recognises her from this description and knows how to contact her I'd be really grateful if you could share the information


I recommend www.ladyyoly.com

Simply read her testimonials online. You can also friend her on Facebook "Yoly Answers".


Sai upasak guruji +91 8099452811 - very good psychic / vedic astrologer

I consulted Guruji, and I will say without a doubt 100% of what he said to me is true
You can try for yourself, to know the truth in my words.

For more information, see this link or copy paste in browser



i have found here on this site a very good psychic. People recommend venus psychic all over the net . some hate her but her predictions are accurate at least. I didn't like her either in the first place but months after what she said to me was right. .. In fact it is another kind of reading. No mater if i like or not, i know now she was right. She is very talented and gifted . last year i had her 3 times


Real psychic readings

Hi Dianep,

In case you are interested I am promoting a special psychic reading for the month of February. It's a great deal,- you can;t be the low price. Read more about it,- Here is the link


Brightest Blessings,
Psychic LadyYoly! www.ladyyoly.com

Not sure?? Wondering who is Psychic Lady Yoly?

Feel Free to Google "Psychic LadyYoly"


Online numerology readings

You can get a free numerology reading online here: www.universalknowledge.org


On a mission

Hi there
Does anyone know of a guy from the west of the city .. His name is something like romen .. He looks like Elvis also lol. I had a reading from him about 5 years ago and he was accurate with everything he told me .. Knew names , future plans , dreams and also things from the past. I lost his number and haven't been able to get it again, I've been to a number of readings since him .. At parties and also in the savoy centre which have all been nonsense . I want a meduim who doesn't ask any questions .. Preferably doesn't want you to talk lol. That's when you know the stuff they are saying is genuine.
Hope for a reply xx




hi ther i went to ramone that you are taslking about and he was very good as you said! his contact is 0141 959 6259 good luck xx




If it's the same guy I'm thinking of his name is Robert cadona I've met him a couple of times I've not seen him for years but he used the name ramone and he was a gypsie his words not mine ! Lolita you find him please let me know I've never met anyone who can read like Robert !
He's one of a kind good luck xxx

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