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For the month of May 2007

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I feel so alone.Crazychick713
Everyone else thinks he is gross!Cowgirl1317
How can i turn these feelings off?Emmyb410
Ex's that wont go awayXxkimxx7
Need help! pleaseSomeone384
Hi... i'm italianEle8205
I really need advice about a friend.Lizzyrose893
Long distance loveLuciakr3
Blonde haired greeneyed hottie= my crush and bffs ex.need your advice,plzCowgirl1313
Got to pay for wedding dress next week but dont think i can go through with itSounhappy3
New guy - how do i handle this?!Seapink2
Need help...Sammy14142
Nipple suckingPiercednipples2
Am doing the right thing?Tinks302
Depressed, frustrated and burned out.Bleedinghearts2
Going dry.Beginner31
What do i do on a situation like this??Bryanna81
"warning signs"Con841
Dont kno wat to do!Patriciamhs1
Told him,but didnt ask him outCowgirl1311
Why do men have to be such hard work sometimes but then such a peasure at other times?Africacat171
Need some advice!!!Lonelywonderer1
What do you lot think?Bellybump1
Boy - friend!Micheala1
Is this an acceptable thing to doMikey531
Am i jealous of his new girl???????????Cowgirl1311
Just marriedAlexandersbabi1
I don't konw anything about.........Cowgirl1311

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