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What is the best way to meet a potential boyfriend?21kiki213
Need advice on splitting up after 15years? Needahug2
Texts and phone callsKittycom23
What do you think about an "affection plan" relationship ?Amon200813
I dont want to have sex with ym boyfriend, please help me!!Aturner237509
He doesn't want to marry me.Vicky03838
How can you tell if someone likes you?Mummydaddyxx7
I need some help, pleasePurplesense6
Can we be friends when we attract each otherIda20065
Should i ask him out and how? need confidence to go for it!!Jessie13015
We moved in together then 2 weeks later he left!Joannekatie3
Love is uncontrollable?Peapea12
Hello fromSimonaf19842
I need advise.please help!!!Hearty071
Forgive and forget?Captainoats1
I love a married manChipcookie68
Sucking/licking nipplesAnon9854
Nipple suckingPiercednipples2
Do all men look around/feel attracted to every other woman!?Usa315
Crush on boss, advice neededEmma001young5
Foot fetishBadboych14
How to attract a guy?Flustered3
Younger boyfriendJung12319
Lying boyfriendsAasquishy18
Man psychology - i don't understand what he wants (me or just friendship)?Kisskissbangbang12
Meeting new frindsKamal493
Period + sex?Shala4ever10
My boyfriend is 7 years younger than meMauinella7
How do u get a guy to notice you?Angiepangie5
Does he like me or just for sex?Hush101
Need help with my boyfriends 21st speechAmelia3690
I cant get over him !!!Karina17171
Loving crush at workForeverlooking1
My husband has changed( dont want any more children with me)Ida20066
I am a french mature lonely man, in parisSeulxaxparis0
Dont know what to doConfused100
Please help me, first time asking a girl out in this situationMyest2
In love with the wrong manZgrouchiest14
Is my boyfriend still interested in me?Lonelylover062
Hello,i seek people to discuss on msn and to learn english...Itsme296
What should i do, is he into me?Lesfrog1
Help, new and long distance relationship advice needed!Vikkih13
Love ratsSaralainfrontpage0
Never had a boyfriendKitta1325
Wife sleeps in the other roomNiceface9
Free translator on webCherished17
Traped in a relationship.dont know what to doSimonaionela11
Diffrences between american and british cultureDcdus10
When the love fades away can she come back again?Ida20066
Have you ever tried internet dating75rachel0
I feel lonelyEyeleen29
Boyfriend trouble!! help please!!!!Emzy57
Does she like me?Matttzzzz2
Am i a fool???Sophyeh2
Flirting at work!!! help!!!Lonelylover063
Can men and women be just friends?Jupiter3106
Boyfriend not into sex!!Welshsusie9
Am i horrible? i want my b/f to stop seeing his daughter!Xoxgailxox11
Look for friendship love dating sex Christy2691

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