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Men/dating/love = baffling!! Lovelylady1231
Girls im a mess pls help!!Abi1uk3
He still lives with his exChickadee95
Sucking/licking nipplesAnon9854
Man psychology - i don't understand what he wants (me or just friendship)?Kisskissbangbang12
My boyfriend is 7 years younger than meMauinella7
Younger boyfriendJung12319
Should i wear skirts for my boyfriendAddele2814
I love a married manChipcookie68
Do all men look around/feel attracted to every other woman!?Usa315
My husband says he loves me, but he hates my body and won't have sexJanedoe4116
Wife sleeps in the other roomNiceface9
Need help with my boyfriends 21st speechAmelia3690
Anyone out there dating a genius?Passion03072
Crush on boss, advice neededEmma001young5
What does relationship meanSilverangeldust1
Should i be ashamed for having sex?Lythefairy13
Boyfriend not into sex!!Welshsusie9
Foot fetishBadboych14
Nipple suckingPiercednipples2
I'm in love with my female friend, please help!!!Mjay12002
My fiance is so un-romantic!Rhiannon193
Leaving a double life/denial of sexuality Xxxcoeurxxx2
Ending a 20 year marriagePammy466
Do ex-partner's return and does one accept them?Scared10
When the love fades away can she come back again?Ida20066
Lying boyfriendsAasquishy18
Me & my boyfriend always argueSweetscorpio2
He doesn't want to marry me.Vicky03838
Need advice on splitting up after 15years? Needahug2
In a new relationship with a fantastic man but im not happy Kerry19857
I'm in love with my manager!!!Neasha3
I'm embarrassed to do some sexual positionsDangerouslyinlove208
Fed up of having a disabled husbandJodiex122
He says he hates meClairann003
Feelings for another manEmmyb411
My husband has been texting girls from and looking at naked picsGeorgiegirl346
Boyfriend has adhdChrissy8835
Taking a 'step back' in a relationship - good or bad?!Finesseglamour0
Any advice welcome my boyfriend upset me by a commentLovebug1415
I slept with my friends ex, how do i tell her?Topqualitybird814
What is the best way to meet a potential boyfriend?21kiki213
I dont want to have sex with ym boyfriend, please help me!!Aturner237509
My husband confuses me!?Melanie25939
Wee and cumKel197922
I'm attracted by an english colleague Zazou61515
How can you tell if someone likes you?Mummydaddyxx7
Help with this guy i havent met but spoke with an have feelings forGoldie7773
Want to treat my fiance but not sure what to, any ideas?????Saraxxx42
Does his mother like me?Lythefairy8
My boyfriend's brother saw me going down on my boyfriendBehechuhu3
Want him/her back? or you want him/her to love you more?try really worksMicheal013
My partner is 9 weeks pregnant and left meConways4
He doesn't know if he loves meLittleloulou11
Help.....he's come in drunk again!!!Babydoll11019
Hello, new spanish girl hereAndaluza2713
Is my boyfriend still interested in me?Lonelylover062
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... ........Elliej1

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