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Post surgery compression garment after liposuctionCarla80217
Adam kalecinski in polandLisa111266
Vaser on tummy tomorrow!Misscly18
Vaser hi def at selston--dr ... Cath45121
Has anyone had labiaplasty by dr nicholas morris?Indigo1500
My vaser experience with dr chambers wimpole st - gyno surgeryTerence512
Bodytite who is the bestSweetcheeck610
Had labiplasty 5 days agoLoobylu10
14 weeks and still doesn't look right!Moomin270
Ladies..who do i turn to with a complaint??????????????Jo71241
Vaser sides Bluerose22010
Help wantedGarethc2
Tummy tucks with yannis alexandrides at harley st.Mich6155
Recovery time?Cardiffwench2
Vaser lipo with dr hamletLippy61
Requesting help regarding dr. sompomb sansiri.Mitchina10
Compression garments help pleaseCath45123
Amazing vaser plus at selston clinicBluerose22013
Post opp lipo ladies please talk to me!Moomin271
Vaser lipo booked Cath45120
Vaser lipo or bodytite?? what's the difference??! Judysgr822
Dr. plovier be-clinic ???Secondround9
Bodytite q clinic groupon offer,'dubious'Sweetcheeck617
Vaser lipo, who do i chose?Judysgr837
Anyone used the private clinic of harley street? Erinb16
Vaser lipo with dr. j taghipour, doctorsmakeover, pinner - advice, pls!Dolcevita15418
Vaser lipo outer thighs and flanks 2 days ago, bodysmoothLoopylou142115
Vaser @ bodysmooth or selston clinic?Shanti13836
Vaser lipo to upper arms, the private clinic, knightsbridge this past thursday (22 oct)Floridasmiles19
Vaser liposuction to knees on 7th october with dr bassis at selston clinicJuicylucy8222
Recommendations for a good plastic surgeon/md for smartlipo or vaser?Hannah310113
Vaser lipo with dr grant hamlet - has anyone used him?Queenbee1846
I'm having labiaplasty tomorrow...Klutzqueen14
Vaser done at private clinic birmingham last week - so swollen, please help! Lisawoos98915
Tummy tuck pic 1st & 2nd week post op picturesMw35610
Swelling after vaser please advise!!Loopylou14217
anyone had liposuction that can tell me more about swelling and when it should go down?? :cryQueenyv23
Vaser gynecomastia in london, any recommendation Monkeymagic312
Vaser lipo with dr. dennis wolf??Alicem230
Vaser lipo with dr kremer at botonicsVf2116
Mr nick percivalJane321512
Clinic beaucare - tummy tuck and breast upliftMarielou197310
Smartlipo my experienceMillsypants6
My experience of stage one: vaser high-def of upper and lower abdomenKiki161230
My before and after photos at selston cosmetic clinic Zoeyireland10
Vaser lipo with botonicsLouisamc1074
Qclinic bodytite for £1500Jacqf14
Smartlipo on inner thighs, knees and canklesJenny91330541
Vaser with dr krish nulliah? Judysgr81
Vaser lipo - well its all booked for the 26th april with dr grant hamlet (london)Lippy616
Smartlipo on inner thighs, knees and cankles before and after measurements Jenny91330543
Liposuction versus wellbox treatmentLemons55
Any liposuction & rhinoplasty recommendations? (dr lahoud?)....Dse19833
Vincenzo giovinazzo transform labiaplastyBlackwire9
Elyzea clinic in belgiumLemons518
vaser lipo : my results at 3 months20to1210
Vibro-liposculpture... any info pls?Nc20094
Tummy tuck surgery at transform with mr khanMilliepoo4
Tummy tuck - what surgeon??Joannamarie8

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