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Depressed and broody, but i'm not ready.Hayleyfashion893
Im 13, i regret having sex and maybe pregnant- help!!Beccajaide8
I'm 15 and i think i'm pregnant.Emmaevelyn9
14 years old 5 months pregnant with twins what do i do Crystalbabe16
I have taken clomiphene citrate for a period of three months.Ramas1975
Teenage mums and social stigmaEmmac19809
I think i might be pregnant but i'm not sure - i need some advice asap please! Charlie20101231
Channel 5 want teen mums for a documentaryCrackitproductions6
I'm 17 and pregnant. i need advice.Blackwolf09403
Need some advice from young parents Misscookie514
18, pregnant and scared Sillylily1
I'm 16 and on my 15th week of pregnancy Skye16cee4
13 might be pregnant idk fo sho. a.k.a dis is nikkey.Nessasant1
23 years old singlemum and pregnant againBlondey72
I don't want another baby.Ninabeex1
Is 17 too young for a baby?Raychool11
Feeling left out by my friendsNiaa0011
13, had twins now 17 i cant cope Jodiilou4
My friend.. disability, pregnant and the dad wants his ex backEmzyxx1
15 and pregnant!Melzz944
I just want to have kids with him before its too lateLadyadams3
19 and pregnant, need an advice please!!!Emabryant1

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