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For the month of November 2011

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (November 2011) :


Started by Rep Last post
Teenage smokerBabycakes1533
5 year old daughter with an attitude Babygirlie14
Mother-in-law threatening legal actionShoegall10
Looking for weekend baby-sitter jobMarjete0
2 or 3 childrenMarlise1822
Morning sickness - do travel acupressure bands help?Lstirling8
Sos teenager wets the bedLorena74119
8 year old attitudeNikkit113
My son wearing tightsKerri372
Why are most of the young gurls have sex at their ages?Ney4330
I can't get through to my daughterHelen14622
How young is too young to stay at your girlfriends ?Essai11215
Single with 3 kids and pregnant!K3lly417
My 5yr old says she has no friends at school Smoovedova5
Mum of a 16 year old asperger boy Littlesister722
Xbox live addict teen, driving me crazy!!Miric251
Anyone have a hard of hearing child?Clairyt3
How do to explain to your daughter about periods?Vicky197321
Single mum of 3 and just found out im pregnant again, advice needed!!!Michelle202011
My friend has had a really bad experience, and has self harmed and i dont know what to do Livvjay1
Help! oh dear i am so upset and down in the dumpsScotnewmum5
Nasty nineyear old sonStressedmum8
Parents of pregnant teenagersAmydes1
Motivating kids to do schoolwork...Elainemarks2
Dreams Northsider142
I'm worriedWorried921
How many children?Jlefebvreang56
Baby bluesKarla32113
Step families..... advice needed! Yumzy1

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