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For the month of July 2008

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Started by Rep Last post
Diet pills-advice needed: have you?Fevdou31
Anyone tried lipobind?Niecey6532
Looking for a walking/gym buddyVicky33714
Day 1 of cambridge diet...Poppy71032
PhentermineMindykong0 we go again!Noeleen141210
Obesity spots ageing and wrinklesJennifer18069
Herbalife Carrie0012
Cambridge diet-gp refused to sign form helpBlushhappysmile0
Lighterlife or cambridge? help me choose plz!!!Blushhappysmile1
Loss 4 stones and got 4 to goReece250416
Lighter lifeFatnfifty56
Cambridge diet and ketosis-please please helpRazzledazzleme95
The pink patch "lose 1-1.5kg a week" whatever!!!Jenny110061
Maple syrup diet buddyMouseyone22
Help!! anyone tried lipobind!!Bettybliss40
Lighter life will i wont iHopefilly129
Anyone doing slimfast?Pixiepie37
Anyone on silver slimming tablets?Cicifire23
How to convince wife to lose weight?Dangel17587
Lighter lifeReena2549
Lemon detox diet!!!!Allie161108
Started rosemary connelly yesterday looking for a buddy!Kazbag40
I feel sick, weak, tired, headache - pls helpJoanita265
Diet tablets - now slim day and nightMijome1014
The weight watcher's wendy planCherished10
Underactive thyroid glandLyjanka25
Okumas wu-long tea?Pointless2239
Lighter life vs cambridgeVerene395
Slimming world revisited - againLadyp2479
Cambridge diet help/advise pleaseTtey6833
Maple syrup (lemon detox) diet help!Charliea850
Wanna start a diet with me???Lafrenchie20
New to cambridge dietMasavage117
Anyone on orlistat/zenical?Bumblebee3372
Slimming tabletsLynw191
Euro dietLuna1970410
Online diets - slimming worldSarahswansea5
Any tips on the lemon detox diet please!Claire74141
Need to loose weight quickly-help neededFevdou16
Best diet ever! help needed!Sarahswansea5
Cant stick to a diet!!! Kezr44
Stomach problems -slimfast/fibre?Pixiepie3
Weight loss wonderJewels8132
Isagenix ahhhh!!Assunta1103
Neris and indiaMissofthehat14
Cambridge dietShaznie1217
Menopause and thyroid Nwhlh8
Advice on muscle weighs more than fatCatlover514
Does the special k diet work?Mummy198811
"3 slimfast smoothies per day" who wants to join me?Cody19709
Lloyds pharmacy diet - anyone tried it?Lizzied7
Slimmers wanted by bella magazineLauralillee1
Cambridge diet - recipes to improve the taste of the shakes!Starmix93

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