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Sprained ankle running hurts!Laurenmay900
Tone up bum, tum & thighsSooz079
Have you tried the lateral thigh trainerMumzie17
How to make my bum smaller?????Smile3943
Vibrations as an exercise??Sassy31011
Pole dancing classes (for fitness!!) in buckinghamshire.Iwouldratherbepoledancing3
How often do you really exercise?Katy27615
Flabby belly how do i tone up after 2 c sectionsMinxyc2
Does any1 know how i can tone my boobs up as ive lost alot of weightJojobird1
Exercises needed to slim down and tone up legs and thighs?Zenagarfield1
Fitness dvds!!Phnormal11
Toning up thighs and bum advice soughtKibi136
Gym buddy required at jjb wigan,leigh or traffordNutty19761
Im unfit and need a jogging buddy in rochford essex area please!Iamcazza3
Exercise for that 'annoying' bit bulging out the sides of bras!! :??? Jo71243
Meditation, mind over matter, ignoring the painPapayawhip1
Zumba - is it recommendable?Esquinarincon7
Exercise buddyJennijen354
Leeds gym buddyShugz1
Toning the buttSadia088
Yoga, pilates, or gyrotronics?Lennylover111
I want a toned stomach, can anyone help??Aturner237503
Breasts after weightlossFogs35
Lose weight, tone up and look fabulous - guaranteed resultsIgnitept2
British military fitnessTowel2471
Confused about how much cardio i should be doingCatlover511
Six pack tips/workout?Kazjems012
Boobs aerobics! sos!!!Marilyn4071
Anyone else want to use a steppa/ltt every day?Mumzie25
Gym playlist Anon45232
More running, same diet, more weight?!? help!Melaniewriter3
Spin or not to spinIgnitept1
Any one doing jillian micheals 30 day shred??Danni900

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