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For the month of August 2008

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (August 2008) :


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Fitness classes and weight loss bootcampsFit2dance0
Tone up bum, tum & thighsSooz079
How to make my bum smaller?????Smile3943
Toning up thighs and bum advice soughtKibi136
Have you tried the lateral thigh trainerMumzie17
Yoga, pilates, or gyrotronics?Lennylover111
Toning the buttSadia088
Powerplates Kerry19851
How often do you really exercise?Katy27615
Boobs aerobics! sos!!!Marilyn4071
Six pack tips/workout?Kazjems012
British military fitnessTowel2471
Jjb fitness centre: anyone a member ?Elaine19621
Exercises to speed metabolism?Missterrigirl1
Which piece of equipment?Cherubs17
Leeds gym buddyShugz1
Anyone else want to use a steppa/ltt every day?Mumzie25
A wii workout!!Natienet1
Vibrations as an exercise??Sassy31011
Love handles! =(Lexxiey4
Toning upCharlotte14573
My swimming acheivmentsKirkinumba18
Exercise buddyJennijen354
Boot camps in birmingham / sutton coldfieldConfused790
Will regular swimming...Boogie19761
Addicted to excercise....huh?!Stella23003
I hate exerciseBob54911
Pre skiBabs1394
I want a toned stomach, can anyone help??Aturner237503
Bikes are good for youCharlottemaria2
3 weeks long enough??Lauramary4
Jogging teamLyloo9715

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