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For the month of August 2010

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (August 2010) :


Started by Rep Last post
I mariaMariadomin12
Anyone one to chat with an english guyEnjoy6911
Post something about yourself so we can get to know each other...Cherished134
Anyone would like to chat to english girl xxxxxElliej156
Im a normal nice woman, looking 2 chat with normal nice people, with no sex involved!Caffy587
I'm from usa looking for friends around the globeAdyfay1143
Hello from germany looking for some new friends all over the worldFranzi1989x260
Avis aux francaises vivant en angleterreAmanol1730
Amitié durable sur londresMissdora218
Meet french peopleAmeliefromparis0
spanish girl i want to make friends of englandArabel250
I would like a french msn buddy!Fringee9
I am looking for germans living in englandNora19811
German woman is looking for a mailfriend!Manu28108210
Looking for french person to help improve my frenchMegzy4chelsea12
Friends in london or/and penpals from all around the worldEiffy841
I'm spanish-italian girl180681mary7
Would you like to practise your spanish?Spanishgirl510
Why is this forum so dead? Arthurine200011
Seek english correspondingGuillaume3473
French girl at coventry looking for friendsJadecoventry0
I'm serch friendsMamia262
Qui pourrait me traduire quelques chansons en francais ici? Antiiane3
French teacher to join ngo abroad, gives free french lessons in paris Learnfrench0
Looking for english penfriendsVioletta02
No weirdo's ........just genuine pen pals please! Nevis424
Beautiful brown skined english lady 31 looking for a man to talk to Mariexxx412
Hi merriiveVanexx692
Hi! i'm french and looking for english pen palsValbb12
A french girl looking for english pen friendsAngelofmine715
Hi, this is me patrizia...Majandra81813
A big hello from germany - looking for friendsGermanvisitor9
who'd want to adopt me for friendship?Funnyface5118
Hi! would do you write to an italian pen friend?Nicedream41
Looking for e-mail friendsKylielopeza3
Seeking american people !!!!!!Temoush920
Italian friendMurielitaly0
French 36y mum would like to meet nice english speaking familly or personPlanetezen21
Hello! i'm spanish girlSpainsilvia3
Voulez-vous parler français?Doublecream3
lonely and want to make new friendsSheltiesusie7
Friend problem, please help me out! Xchillipeppersx10
Ciao a tutti voiPaoletta7632
Spanish girlSolete833
French girl want to speak with english peopleSouris464127
Anybody wanr a penfriend?Ardbegforever1
Hi everybody!Missaleko10
Canary girl Pinupw1
Suche leute aus deutschland die in england wohnen Sly250411
German girl (25) likes to go to the uk in march 2010- do you have any hints for me? Nina711841
Speak english?Scorpi2212

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