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For the month of September 2008

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (September 2008) :


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Hi im mandy here to make new friends!!Mandyw292
Post something about yourself so we can get to know each other...Cherished134
I'm from usa looking for friends around the globeAdyfay1144
Im a normal nice woman, looking 2 chat with normal nice people, with no sex involved!Caffy587
Anyone would like to chat to english girl xxxxxElliej157
Avis aux francaises vivant en angleterreAmanol1730
I would like a french msn buddy!Fringee9
German woman is looking for a mailfriend!Manu28108210
Voulez-vous parler français?Doublecream3
Website with photos K5lca1
Speak with skype programLydiah200523
Hi! i'm french and looking for english pen palsValbb12
Looking for french person to help improve my frenchMegzy4chelsea12
Pen friends anyone? Islandbunny20074
French snail pen palLaetiti9711
Francais(se) a londres? a hanwell?Hanwell2
Fluent english and french speakers, i need your help!Zouzounia0
Wheather in uk on july??Curlyyy0
Loooking for english girls for exchange conversations french/englishMarlene241115
Hello i'm moroccanPalouma73
Seek english correspondingGuillaume3473
Amitié durable sur londresMissdora218
Why is this forum so dead? Arthurine200011
I'm a german girl...Enjoyjessy2
I'm looking for friends!Albagem747
Friend problem, please help me out! Xchillipeppersx10
i'm spanish girl Thayra232
Would you like to practise your spanish?Spanishgirl510
French mom looking for english friendsSheryl361
Best magazine back issuesCelmaibun10
Quieres aprender un poco de español??Malaasss4
I'm serch friendsMamia262
Hello! i am an italian girl!Sweetygiulia0
You are searching for a penfriend ?Mylene13131
Do tou speak english...Apellolo10
German/french speaking Brokenflower13
Hello! i'm spanish girlSpainsilvia3
Real friendship in londonMissdora210
Hallo everybodyHermana8510
Friendship onlyBubbles750130
Need pen-friend Kia4ever114
Would you like to improve your french level?Babybeatbox0
I want to practise my english. Cricri29481
I come from germany...Elli18713
From mallorcaSarima1510
Please, i need to practice my englishShumi724
I'am looking for english friendsAngi9996
Pen friends...Audi816
Beehive forum with crazy italian bee : )Littlecrazybee0
I need to practice my englishLinamaria62
Im looking for an email-friendMidnight853
Looking for .... henley-on-thamesJosetval0
Aprende español un poquitoJose173gb2
All time favourite songsSintijap3
Looking for british friendsBarbara20061
I am looking for germans living in englandNora19811
Does any live in spain??Krissyc914
Hello, i am frenchCaroneo32

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