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For the month of May 2011

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Female to male strap-on sex?!?!Bg24736
Enema and anal sexMystique304016
What is your bf's penis size?Munmun553
Can't penetrate her ( she was raped when she was young ! )Neiluk8
17 still a virgin and no boobs.Marilena2957
Naughty night inMegan22033
Help pleeaassee, not good at sex!Jennifebean2
Do men always cum during sex?Jillian83121
He cums too quickly!!!Madame266080
Is it wrong to prefer anal sex?Chrissiev24
Is having a foot fetish weird?Anona639
House hold sex toys/vibratorsClarealex11119
I suffer from micropenis and my life is a mess.Harrisoncole29
Annilingus-is it really that good?Luckyteen6
Sex wit a prostitute Kumchus20
Testicle suckingFerret89
Finger in my bumHannahdenby3
The feelings after intense orgasm...Babyme7614
Anal orgasm - can you help me?Sweetdaffodil6
How to use a dildoBandido311
Sucking penises?? sex on top.... help!!! Donna3035
First time sex at young age,hymen keeps bleedingMark4107
the english man and sex Signoradision12
My girlfriend won't give me a bj wen i want her 2 what can i do ?Asskikcer56715
My boyfriend hates anal sex!!Courtneytate2
Finger in bumKimmy17938
Tips on giving good blo-job.????Megan9217
Blowjob!!! :-pRitulilla10
Anal sex questionsFoynatbains12
Bj for thick penisJackiechestnut6
Thin penisNewbie157
Small penis virgin needs adviceNicknirvana2
Blow job Blondebabe89827
Girls and oral sexFlamingtwilight17
Yoni match in kamasutraDeej1
I hate oral this normal?!Courtneytate6
My boyfriend's penisAmxgrl5
I s it normal for a man to love having his nipples licked and sucked?Tanyab517
Why boys can't get it up the first timeVirginopia1
Do you watch porn filmsLidder23
Breast sucking by loverJustcrazy184
Any sure way to tell if my girl has ejaculated?Luckyteen8
My boyfriend is too big!Poeticlyspeaking5
Fiancee cant make me cumTinks699
I guess i squirted the very 1st time..!Ckalien7
Boyfriend has a foot fetish......not sure how i feel Kelly226210
How come i cant cum?Scoolion2
Big enough penis?Anonymous5715
Foot fetishHappybwoi13
I almost reach orgasm but then it stops!Sunnydays164
My penis size ? your opinionNikker23
Stinky foot fetishXoxbebexox3
17 & still a virgin. whats wrong with me?Babygirllllx16
How many orgasms can you reach with a vibrator ???Lidder14
Think am addicted to masterbation, help!Flirt4fun4
Using the vibrator on him?Sweetdaffodil16
Smoking fetish?Biron696
Sex tip needed - girl on top adviceLarenka3
Help! i can't masterbate!Bbbbubbluz7
Too desensitized from masturbation??Deadredeyes4

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