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For the month of June 2009

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I would like to practice my tarot reading...Indigopixie27
Can anyone please read my tarot or give me a free psychic reading?Brunettechick0
Readings from developing clairvoyantNicki140411
Who can read my future for free?Yelena23410
free tarot reading about love Brendon1977144
Recommend a good psychic in glasgowDianep23134
Tarot reading bournemouth???Lauramary24
Free horoscope reading question - answerAstromagicstar55
Need free psychic help, please!247bang8
Hello, someone to talk????Almendrita060638
I need someone to tell me the meaning of this horrible dream...Desertrosepr2
Free tarot reading from indiaVschandola22
Genuine psychic reading neededMichelleb191168
Jessica west angel courses are absolutely brilliant recommendArabella3312
Who is an aquarius?Withywoman92779
I'm an italian tarot reader...Farfallinabianca123
Would like a reading by a mediumRoxylock3
Psychic wanted Spiritfinder4
Jessica west- spiritual teacher - gorgeous and genuineArabella332
Need some clairvoyant guidance pleasePoshpusskins5
Set in stone??need a tarot readers second opinion pleaseTray83
Who knows more about the *third eye* ?Kentic3
Who is able to find a person only in description of herKentic4
Any good clairvoyant mediums in east yorkshire ?Jenben402
Free tarot reading wanted please Darkangelmosher0
Jessica west is a real angel ...she can help you get spiritual psychic reading work!Trish8813
Good evening from italy, i'm a fortune-teller from many years i look for a good foreigner fortuneSperanzaverde1
Do you bilieve to the horoscope????Layla1602
Hi, i need help!! please can a medium or physcic contact me?Brunettechick17
I can read palms, and now i am torn with truth.Jg306
The best psychics - teesside area Shygirl290
Help would be very very much appreciatedPrincessnaz21860
I'm medium if you need a helpTilly2211283
Can anyone recommend a very good psychic to go and see in the teesside area plz Mandyw2918
spiritual guidence and or relationship adviceTraceydwyer7
What do you know about cancer people?Cyrarose2
Tarot readingBenedicte24218
Hi all, im a libra dog..what r u?Libradog3
Free tarot readingsStar70169
Driving testHelp1151
Tarot and psychic readingElainelo20
Psychic clairvoyant, tarot, clairsentient, medium, relationship reader - jojo2675 pls read! xJojo26752
In love with a libra womanGabriel2891
I would be most grateful for a reading pleaseTricia2051
Free 1 question 1 card brief tarot readingTarotwisdom3
Stuck in rut! help!Michelleb19116
Please help, i'm very sadSummersunset5
Never felt this way beforeSun0123
Somebody available exchange tarotsFatalove3
Tarot freeSpell116
Spiritualist reading from a photoMumzie3
Angel numbersLathandier4
Free card readingsAdams7235
Hello every body i am french and i want to knowKayna12211
We make each other so sadAshlii12
Vedic numerologist from india Mysticexecutive1
Can anyone give me a free reading for 2009 plz Shygirl293
Is there any mediums from stafford, uk?Princessnaz21861
I would like to practice my tarot reading Indigopixie23

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