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For the month of November 2008

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (November 2008) :


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Captive womenKeeef1
Us electionsNycgirl32
Are kids too sexy?Theraze29
Tony blair supports partial-birth abortion.Lynn23214
Teenage mumLennylover1105
Young girls legally married in greeceTrans412
Smoking banKaty27610
Bbc 1xtra date rape documentaryJeal23
Ian huntleyLennylover14
Binge drinking Towel2472
What goes up, never comes down.Jennychic1
Lloyds tsb irresponsible lenders?Glendale12
Do you want to see my french house?Unopiu12
George best dyingMissmachin1
"band aid 20, do they know it's christmas 2004" - well love it or hate it; they've done it again! thMorag45
"late" mumsMissmachin20
Beckham goes mad!!Crazyamy5
Pope benedict the rottweilerLennylover19
Sensation: nicolas cage will be my neighborKuhlthau1
Should we really be having kids?!?Scarlett12164
French railways on strike...Daninos7
Good week endBlueoffrench8
Good afternoonShuttel1
Hurricane katrinaTrans47
Twister victimsBrianlove840

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