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For the month of July 2009

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (July 2009) :


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I need a job at 14!Emziepom16
Is it do-able to re-train as a nurse and bring up two kids??Giggley5
Freelance admin work from home.Lucy1985220
Nursery trainingTheraze6
I am french and i need your help for a cover letter....Bettyboop200312
Sociology questionnaire2pinkypigs7
Job interview in englishSaperlipopette232
Any legal secretaries in this forum ?Barbara20064
Occupational health test can i be refused? Snc16070
Psychometric testsKittiekat23
Some help for a future french teacher...Missticky232
I'm au pair and i would like to be au pair in ukLatouriste336
I worked as a receptionnistLuce3703
Hi! i want to be a barrister..... what skills do you need?Sosotalk0
Good translations from english to italian and viceversaJamie20090
Student and part time jobs availableBmd161
Evening work from homeFlighty518
Wedding planner surveyBabyblue2540
Help.. will i be able to get a job in social work!!?? Lvc110
I've just launched my new business and need adviceBeadylady2
I'm italian...please help me for translate some sentece Asya197610
Temp work adviceRavenn0000
I want to be a teacherJellybean4352
Model agencies mmm....Londonwonderwoman2
I have a baby and dont want to leave him to return to work!Lorraineofkeli3
French in londonBadger15
Linguistic exchangeMari46112
Medical testingMilkandnutella3
Pgces - so how is it for you?!Mel11322

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