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For the month of December 2005

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (December 2005) :


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Katie holmes's squeezeMaxim981
Bradgelina happy familiesKaty2760
Britney's baby boy!Missmachin4
George best diesShadowcat91
Orlando bloom's chicksMaxim980
Engament bow wow and ciaraNaughtygurl61893214
Beyonce's clothing line: "house of dereon"Playboyskitti6
Bow wow and ciaraSweettweet73
Victoria beckham's weightloss secretsMarie90216
Who do u think is cuter???? chris brown or omarion ??????Chrisbrowngirl209
Lindsay lohan marriage!!!!!!!!!!Maxim985
Ricky ullman,a battle for loveRickyullmanloverforever8
Usher rips in to baggy jeansMaxim9814
Sienna miller and jude lawMaxim981

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