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The pill- microgynon for irregular periods.Signature231
I have no idea...Pindolly1
Period starts then stops and starts again!?Geestar1
Copper coil, late period, neg pregnancy test....Annie27352
Induced menopause for pmtMargot10475
Period pain and exhaustion!Mermaid575
I have had two periods in the same monthAmanda20073
Gyni problems - helpJan2482
Wind during periodAnon0010
Horrible period symptoms Xoxlucy3
Really bad pmt anyone got any advice?`Recentlymarried18
Double barrel vaginaInx51
Worried, the period is not endingNeb242
Period...stop and start :s Angellealea1
Herbal remedy for the relief of pmt symptomsCandy31010
2 periods in one monthKizzie22
Unusual heavy period - reasons? (includes cyst/abortion not for the faint hearted/judgemental)Jeangrey110
13 days late, negitive test, & crampingXoxomelxoxo1
Excessive wind- bloatedMegatinx2
Cramping but no period and negativesMunchkin821
Bad pmt and no periodPink14020
Is this a period or do i need to seek help?Cocokass1
Primrose oil for pmt/mood swings???Leeniepie0
Diagnostic lapropscopy and endometriosis Always4ever0

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