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No periods for last 5 months, not pregnant, putting on weight. pls helpRakshraksh2
Period starts then stops and starts again!?Geestar1
Induced menopause for pmtMargot10475
Copper coil, late period, neg pregnancy test....Annie27352
Really bad pmt anyone got any advice?`Recentlymarried18
I have had two periods in the same monthAmanda20073
Gyni problems - helpJan2482
Wind during periodAnon0010
Worried, the period is not endingNeb242
Excessive wind- bloatedMegatinx2
Horrible period symptoms Xoxlucy3
Double barrel vaginaInx51
Period pain and exhaustion!Mermaid575
Unusual heavy period - reasons? (includes cyst/abortion not for the faint hearted/judgemental)Jeangrey110
2 periods in one monthKizzie22
Herbal remedy for the relief of pmt symptomsCandy31010
Marina coil, still bleeding?Cheesiness0
Cramping but no period and negativesMunchkin821
Bad pmt and no periodPink14020
Period...stop and start :s Angellealea1
13 days late, negitive test, & crampingXoxomelxoxo1
Do you know a good gynaecologist in milton keynesRitchie791
Ibs - periods help!!Beckyf691
Period related tearfulness and irritability - any advice?Vanityuk1
Vagina problemCammie60
Cystocele / stress incontinenceTanks10
Awful periods. is this really ibs, or could it be something else? - please, please help!Freijaja0

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