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For the month of April 2008

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (April 2008) :


Started by Rep Last post
Olive skin!!Stars2312
Basic make-up kit.Singingurl322
Du-wop lip venom....Goodgirluk5
Best foundation for dry skin?Tasha12724
Make-up-choosing the right colour eye colourHannah9118
Beauty therapy/make up courses? please help! Chocolateypie12
Best cheap lipstick aroundJellybean220
Why can't i get my face to look smooth?Yellow5roses10
Great for liver spots on the faceYellow5roses1
Maybelinne everfresh tan------ discontinuedTiffany435300
Here to help with make up Gennaxxx11
Face primer??Amy105617
Mineral make up.Brilliantaffair6
Best foundation for oily skinKati00119
Black under eyesAstra1802
Mac makeupSweetoothfairy1
Need help with my eyes!Bubble9013
Rare eyeliner!Brilliantaffair1
Need some help with make up!!Donna3036
Hi! i'm italian... and i need your help about make-up in the uk Pazzesca2
How do you apply eyeliner??Divegal1
Is eyeliner 80's?Mumzie3
Panda eyesAlmostanangel63
Make-up for tired eyesShaz0248
Can somebody recommend a very pinky lippie?Jiyun06203

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