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For the month of September 2011

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Where can i buy myespil ipl hair remover?Ameliathompson338
Micro ring hair extensions in kentRobbos816
Hair extension models neededGlamhair23
Dark hair to blonde hair???Natalieyahoo6
Would anyone recommend or dose anyone know from experience?Stephxcx4
Yuko hair straighteningPaulaafro4
Allergy with dark hair dyesMrsr812
Hair extensionsIndia9525
Hair straightener recomendations13ndlovinit9
Hair removerJhon17011
Platinum blonde dye help.........Princesscarly13
Sodium chloride free shampooSilvianoor4
What's this about 'modern' loose perms?Bethwright2
Hair extensions in kent - looking for salon or mobile hairdresserSarahlsmith2232
How about perms on men?Del19579
Very damaged hair from straightening Xsarax0150
Greasy hair - too much falling out!Diamond729
Any good ideas for putting up long hairTraceysansum4
does anyone here do hair extensions in essex ?Poweredbyfairydust15
Best hair extension salon or method in london?Fifi12345642
Straight, fine, thin hair. omg, help me. Realthing76717
Clip in hair extensions (can you colour them)?Kimmie244
Lee stafford hair growth treatment - anyone tried it & does it work!Missellie211
Hair extensions Littlediva111
Very damaged hair help!!! Louboutinlover48
Imelda may hair??how do i do it??Tigersgonetipsy4
I'm looking for a hair extension specialist for fine hair in london - any recommendations?Snowie813
Has anyone used biolustre hair treatment Tanya2008212
Help i have big ginger roots!!!Emzgee893
Help! i burned my hair!Tswiftrox13102
New colour flash for my hair...opinions please!!Joojoo081
Anyone used philip kingsley elasticizer or recommend alternative?Shopaholic1011
Dying blonde after sun-inHal242
Permanent hair straightening in glasgow areaSecretgardenfairy4
Blonde hair- dark brown eyebrows! help!Natlou163
Hair salon for amazing blonde highlights?Nicolenyc1
Does anyone know a mobile hair extension hairdresser in essexKatefb082
Dying highlighted blonde hair darker...Littlemisscomplicated1
How much do hair extensions cost Marmatdav3
Micro ring hair extensions (oxfordshire)Natalieyahoo11
Patsy palmer's hair on the charlotte church showSamhall19842
Which products to use on hair extensions?Alleigh2
Hair dye wont stay in then turns reddishSpacehead53
Best hairdressers in blackpool Nicha217971
My blonde hair keeps breaking off! help Pinkprincess588
Anyone know any good micro ring real hair extension specialists in kent?Lld803
Frizzy hair (perm)?Linzi231
Straight *burned* hair!!! - two questionsMistress882
Ghds and smelly hairMumzie18
Help ive bleached my hair........Karenf22
Hair extensions in essex natural, safe micro rings & shrinkiesGeorgiegirl81
Weaved hair extensions essex area?Pog4131
Permanent fringe only this possible????Tigger19811
Hair extension disaster Marmatdav25
Hair extensions in surrey!?!?!?!?Hayley27221
Black hair - gaston lace wigs Aemobla14
Racoon hair extensionsLinzi233
My hair doesn't grow! help me please?Spray3331
Short hair after chemo-help!!!Clarebbb3

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