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For the month of December 2007

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (December 2007) :


Started by Rep Last post
Nipple hair.. so embarassingXxjania55
Brazillian waxTinkerbell198319
How 2 remove pubic hair without irritation??!!Jteaser5
Pubic hairMario3426
Bikini waxingWeeble85744
Underarm hair removingMarijadebono4
Laser hair removal at the viva clinic, golders greenZimbabwe224
No more pains while waxing.....Scientist1235
Do home laser hair removal kits really work?Jamelia8281
Hot or cold wax?Greengirl835
Hair as eva longoria (gabrielle solis) (im from germany!!!)Fusselball12
Shall i shave my neck?Bigredshoes5
Facial hairGreenmaid14
I can't get rid of my body hair! help!Sixtynine6961
Rio laserJuventus851
What best laser or ipl?Linzi2927
Laser hair removalPinks311
Brazillian gone wrong. help please!!Lunamoss4
Laser treatment: where and how much?Shaz02427

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