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For the month of August 2007

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (August 2007) :


Started by Rep Last post
Cost issuesWildatheart219
230 hp unders..too small?!Kate127914
Under or over...Wildatheart217
Ba near birminghamPaulinka311
Ba 2mrw (thurs 23rd august) Squiffle17
Shooting pains?Em2007115
Newbie trying to book baRachelpink8416
Lipo on tuesdayLkerr8016
Tanyab6 has been removed!Babynips7
Ps threadPudgina11
Scared and a bit lonelyLexylou13
Just updated my picsLinzi2315
They keep shrinking!!!Lindsey7013
Tramadol and co-dradamoleDebbieg8210
Another newbie - just thought i'd sayClareh13
Updated pics..Squiffle14
Please ignore bigbustySnee198012
My pictures...Tina888312
Message for monJeanie3213
310 high profile or 345 mod profile?!?!Helenr198211
Need reasurance!!Foley198011
First consultation at 4.30pm today.....eek! Recentlymarried112
Anyone a c or d cup and had implants? (hey shani39) Purplealy9
Hi hunnies - im home!!!!!Squiffle12
Calling all a cup ladies who are size 8 who have had ba Jemsy379
Ba wednesday!!Em200719
Omg.... my ba is tomorrow!!!!Sam196718
Want it done, but would the scars be worse...Sandii418
The cheeky girls boobs.........Snee19809
Having my op tmw! :0Debbieg828
Anyone got any pics?Debbieg8210
Abbey pines 21st august??Feebee1210
Had my ba yesterday!Welshgem819
Diet tips..Robin2609
I sooooo wanna drink!!! lolDebbieg8210
Sports bra's!Lynw110
Regret anyone??!Mellymoo110
Underwired bra'sLynw110
Back form ba!!!Em200717
Diary of a petrified ba patient...Squiffle9
Still shrinking!Lindsey708
Getting measured / buying bra'sTinacbr6
*** ba nxt wed 29.08.07 ***Jenilpool9
Can you lie on your front after ba?Buttonboobies9
375cc overs helpMazda716
Lipo booked - anyone had it?? help!!Peaches1009
My cleavage seems quite good....Kelly19779
Under armpit incisionLorraineamanda7
Advice please... (replies from nice, honest girls only)Clarejonah6
Do shops tell the truth with sizes??? arghhhhhPudgina8
Tips on how to massage?Ces1116
Bye everyone!Hellsbells237
Ba on satS222x7
Booby twin????Sam196718
Clairelolly 27th augClairelolly6
240cc undersClairelolly8

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