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What age did u have ur 1st child?Stephy24117
Off pill for one moonth... chances?Lexxihw6
Trying for nearly 2 years now..Lucy14897
Bleeding - but not a period?Poppy1606
Help so alone!!!!!Lotusblossom13
Could i be pregnant?Gizasmile3
Ovulation testingMrsh18092
Advice please Laura242914
How do you work out base temp when charting?Sophz293
Wens the best time 2 try for a babySounhappy3
Trying for over 2 years...Sallyannie3
Egg white mucus, ovulation ?Couchy32
Please help - 19 years old and confusedDebz19873
I need helpMinxywink3
Feel sick and bloated ?Louise9073
Can any1 help?Mum2122
What is chartingCouchy32
Embarrassing problemLaura242911
Can anyone help me.. i need some adviceWooga842
Some advice please!!Welshadele2
Late period!!Welshadele0
Im confused!Whisper2111
Question about cycles and late ovulationSophz291
Late ovulation?Racsomers11

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