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Started by Rep Last post
Im bleeding as from yesterday Pipa11035
September is deemed bfp month Olddie231
Updated list september deemed bfp monthOlddie227
I am not a cowJayjay6721
Defo bfp!!!Chelle1920
Boo!!! period arrivedCazzie1420
First success of september bfp month!!!Sharonmanchester17
Help am i seeing things!!!!!!!Chelle1918
Curiosity killed the cat Olddie217
A poem to make us smile!Cazzie1416
First month on clomidLizzybitz16
Fertility statuesChelle1912
The moonWhirlygirl13
Fab newsBebe357912
September bfp had scan but now worriedSharonmanchester14
At last......8rod1313
I have news to cheer everyone up!!!Titch1014
Ovulation testsAmadrg0114
Bfp for september list updated 14/9/07Olddie213
High fsh any adviceBird7513
Swollen anklesReddsonia12
Me again, any advice....Jane05211
Let's all chant !!Olddie211
Oct club Chelle1911
Please sign to help protect mums to be and their babiesWhirlygirl10
Any advise?Tracyh10
Expecting forumChelle1910
At last!!!Dmarie769
Implantation bleeding??Chelle198
Af arrived but i'm ok.Reesy9
Dunno what to doTracyh9
Am i being silly???Hg1239
Cheap v expensive testsJane0529
Ovulation crampsLucy100009
September bfp had 2nd scan and it's good news!Sharonmanchester8
Im new here can any one help8rod138
Congrats chelleFrekkles8
A storyChelle197
Really fed upJane0527
Need advice pleaseDani1402787
Guess wat ladiesPipa1107
And byPipa1107
Hi i'm new here !!!Jjrobbo307
Good mornPipa1106
Can someone give me some advice? Xsarah6x4
Ticking clock for guysJonavon6
Ovulation testsLucy100006
Cant believe it Chelle196
Finally lost the plot!Whirlygirl6
What do you think?Tracyh7
My partner thinks i have gone madJayjay676
Need some guidance i think!!Reddsonia6
The 2 week wait..Lucy100006
It just was not mean't to be .................Jane0526
When will it happen?Meld19826

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